• Veronica Murphy

    Does anyone else think Charity strongly resembles Patti LaBelle “Lady Patterson” as if she could be her daughter in real life??

  • DarkBleuGoddess

    if anyone is looking for this episode because they reallllly wanna watch it now- it’s on daily motion under “anavel” channel. it looks bootleg so thats why i said you gotta realllly wanna watch it. lol

  • CtheGod

    By all means.

  • CtheGod

    Those eyes 👀… When she shoots them daggers at folks I’m reminded of “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” She always been the Devil in a New Dress. 💅😈

  • Leigh

    Honeyyy because listen! I saw all the BS in her eyes when she said that lmao. Swear I saw all her plans in them devious looking eyes of hers hahaa.

  • Robbie

    I knew it was going to be Iyanla too! She popped right in me head lol

  • Robbie

    Ok, this was a really good episode! I sympathize with Sophia. I think we all have had that moment where life is so tough and we think God is non-existent or doesn’t care. I’m a PK and believe me I have had MANY moments like that. I’m starting to get the feeling that Zora is going to run away. She has always had a very bold attitude but whew…lately, she’s been a mess!! Now, what is up with Rochelle? She better leave Darius alone because we all know Pastor Grace is a bit tapped, lol! She is going to go CRAZY! Darius looked like she may have peaked his interest. I hope he’s smarter than that.Charity is struggling bad and I’m a bit upset that Lady Mae blew her off like that. I understand she has her own things going on but your child is in a bad place and has been for a while now. Her stuff just goes overlooked and swept under the rug. Charity gets on my nerves some times but she is just trying to find her way.

  • SpiceGirl

    Can I throw Queen Sugar in there too? lol

  • SpiceGirl

    to the T

  • we (all the cousis) were sent to work on my grandparents farm when we acted up lol, RIP pawpaw. They were some of the happiest summers of our lives.

  • Maven

    So it looks like Rochelle will be found out soon since she’s peaked Darius’ interest. He didn’t look like he trusted her much. Zora is so nerve wracking. Charity finally getting the help she needs to be real and Lady Mae shot her down. I hate mega churchs…

  • Ttrini

    Lawd lol Letoya is working it on this show! Haaaaa lol such a good episode!

  • nat

    Pause How did i know it was going to be Iyanla! That Latoya Is playing her heffa role lol

  • Cristee2

    Well, it could be worse. She needs to be Thankful to God for good health and the fact that she’s still alive.

  • Taretta

    Uh oh, zora is scaring me saying “It’ll all be over soon”. She finally talked to that boy so some plans have been made to do something. SMH.
    I think pretty boy Rick gone fall for Rochelle’s bait and sleep with her.
    Patti’s wig looks good. I normally hate wigs but the color and style was just right for her!
    Black parents send their kids to their grandmothers house when they are acting up, white parents send their kids to boarding school in another state lmao

  • CtheGod

    I am gonna be hurting to see what comes from “She Changes Everything”

  • CtheGod

    ALWAYS GOOD TO ME🍿but i gotta say i wish it was posted on the home page… It is so sad to see that all the reality shows take top billing before a real show with amaziing acting. Do i tune in to all the ratchet reality. Yes! Still shows like Greenleaf n Pose deserve the respect that they bomb asses earned💣💥

  • Doris G

    Lynn Whitfield is an amazing actress; she should have every award for acting.

  • nat

    Oh its up? God bless you. Chile it was still trending on twitter i tried HARD not to read any spoilers. lol.