Empire Season 5 Episode 2 – ‘Pay For Their Presumptions’

On episode 2, Cookie and Lucious learn the difficulties of launching an artist without the help of Empire’s resources, and their future with new artist Treasure is jeopardized. So when they receive two interesting offers that will launch them back into power in the music industry, they make a surprising decision. Meanwhile, Jamal decides to put his family first and move back to New York.

  • eazy’e

    I said the same damn thing

  • TC

    I skip ahead every time he breaks into song. 😂

  • India

    Andre is sexy as hell …🤤🤤

  • Pebbles

    I’m unsure 😐 about this season because I cannot tell which direction the show is going.

  • Jasmine Northrop

    I think its Jamal. Something is up with that boyfriend. The boyfriend killed Jamal in some type of rage, then Luscious killed the boyfriend
    That’s why the FBI was at the funeral home.

  • Carolyn A Hausey

    I Don’t Think It’s Cookie. Lucious is to Calm. Nor Do I Think It’s Anybody in His Family. Maybe It’s Shine’s Wife or the Sister that Shine Left Everything To!!!

  • Tracey Deanne

    its his crazy ass mama… 1. everyone assumed she was dead so who would be at her funeral 2. if it were someone famous or in their immediate family at least the rest of the family would be there 3. shes close enough to make Lucious cry but private enough that he’d wanna be alone while mourning her #justsayin

  • Tracey Deanne

    No no yall its not cookie cuz she would have her boys as pallbearers at the very least……IT GOTTA BE HIS MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Straightshooter

    Me too! No Cookie, no me

  • DaQueen19

    Heck yeah, LOL!!!

  • Nabii Rebekah

    I think its Cookie. I think she said she wants off the show. However, if its Cookie, I am done watching. I mean, think about it? who else in the world can possibly play cookie?

  • dessertnetcafe

    I think it’s the Mom. Luscious killed her for the insurance money. They’re broke. He can’t pay for her nursing home and he needs the money to build a new Empire. I’m betting it’s the Mom.

  • Stacey George

    Becky starting to get on my nerves she seems two faced on here now. Kiss ass

  • Stacey George

    Its cookie cuz I read that she wanted off the show but her contract said she had to finish her season so I believe she’s out. This might just be our last time watching Empire. That’s why they making it so long! 😢

  • Myemaildied

    Spare my ears of Jamal’s vocals 🙉

  • Sassy

    well yall know the Huctible women said since her son was taking she was going to see how they felt when one of theirs were gone

  • Addicted2RealityTv

    It’s some random, luscious killed again to help fake a death in the family in order to get life insurance. #brokeass

  • Mystery$$%*-“-%+

    lee daniels is pissing me da fuck off!!! 😒😒 and watch, next they gon take a 3 week break n we still wont know who is in the coffin 🙄🙄…yall know how le daniels be doing us 😜😂

  • Tiffany Roby

    It might be cookie…rumor has it, she stated in an interview one more season…

  • LaReyna09

    Definitely a possibility. Guess we’ll have no choice but to wait it out and see at this rate.

  • Needabeezy

    I told my sister were not going to find out until the very end of the last episode! They gone drag this shit out and keep showing us glimpses every episode until then! Bet

  • Teresa T Jordan

    Maybe it’s the girl with the big nose.

  • Da-Pope

    As stated above…a few seconds ago
    I said last week n I’ll say again. Momma…..she got blood test on her hands and that medicine may have loosened up her mouth to confess her dirt n her son’s. Don’t forget she killed before. I may be wrong. Yet… I may be right

  • Da-Pope

    I said last week n I’ll say again. Momma…..she got blood test on her hands and that medicine may have loosened up her mouth to confess her dirt n her son’s. Don’t forget she killed before. I may be wrong. Yet… I may be right

  • Cherjean White

    Omg I bet Thats How Aundre Got Out Of Jail And Luscious is going to pick him up thats why he has to drive alone idk just a thought i hope None of the brothers dies off the show

  • LaReyna09

    Definitely a possibility. She did state in an interview that after 100 episodes she’ll be leaving the show. I’m trying to get my Google on to see how many episodes they’ve shot. 😂

  • edu2015

    I think it’s his mom in that casket. Maybe he felt bad because he sent her away. Then again it could be Andre …maybe something will happen in prison.

  • DaQueen19

    Exactly. Seems like its a good possibility because why else would he wanna ride alone in the car? *kanye shrug*

  • DaQueen19

    Hmmm, Cookie in the casket maybe?! Why else would he wanna ride alone especially if cookie would have been right there by his side grieving too? Smh MAN!!!! They better not wait til the season finale to tell us who died.

  • Gemz

    I think it’s Wanita the cook in the casket. Hakeem killed her coz she stopped cooking them bomb ass breakfast coz cookie still ain’t paid her wages

  • Su Ja

    If its Cookie I will stop watching this show. Coon Daniels

  • Su Ja

    or cooikie being sick again and having a fatal heart attack

  • Su Ja


  • Su Ja

    I think so too

  • Katrell Brewer

    I think it may be Andre in the casket from his beef in prison

  • Thandazile Dlamini


  • Lovë 22

    Yall know damn well Lucious’ mother is NOT in the box!! He didn’t care that much about her and she wasn’t that significant on Empire. It’s either Cookie or one of the sons! My guess is Cookie based on Taraji’s interviews!

  • KandiKisses

    Hakeem is so selfish I dislike his character. I understand you lost your child’s mother but Andre lost his wife and child because Anika ass was selfish, jealous and a murder. Let’s not forget what she has done to your family! He should’ve know that Andre was going to get revenge he’s Lucious’s son! Andre character really been through some shit every damn season. I’m glad to see he’s doing better this season even though he’s in prison.
    I really wish they would tell us who’s in the casket already. I’m thinking it Cookie or Andre… Knowing Lee Daniels, he’s about to drag this mystery till the end of this season and I have a feeling who’s ever in that casket is someone that’s not predictable.🙄

  • Deano Fergi

    Very nice theory yeah maybe she was even adopted or something then they find her only to have her die when she’s knew into there life. Interesting therory that could be a good storyline especially since there gunno be building us up till the season final probably


    I think it’s Lucious’ mother as well

  • Shakendria Murphy

    Who you think in the casket r.c.? I thought thirsy but no then dre or moms idk. What if the found a body and he playing like he did at shines funeral. Ugh i know you be watching!!!!

  • YoungFabulous

    um so how long do we have to wait to find out who died

  • YoungFabulous

    so not gonna tell us again. maybe it’s the new girl that’s singing maybe she was sick and nobody knew

  • bri mikel

    That’s what I think too

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    This some bull crap. WHOS DEAD!

    He really hurt. Maybe Dre. Uhm. Ride alone. Can’t be Cookie. Shoot Idk. Here we go on this pretty little liars ish trynna figure out who a is. 🙄

  • LaReyna09

    Right, because Becky said to him “You couldn’t have known…” Maybe one of them walked into a bullet that was intended for someone else?? 🤔

  • LaReyna09

    I’m wondering the same thing. 1 out of 3 guesses.

  • Jamaican Girl

    I think it may be Cookie or one of his kids too

  • Jamaican Girl

    I have a feeling it is a family member in that casket, or even Andre. The suspense is killing me.

  • LaReyna09

    The way it’s looking, I’m guessing that it’s either Lucious’ mother, Jamal or Cookie in the casket. Who knows? 🤷🏾‍♀️ I just don’t want to have to wait the entire season to find out.

  • LaReyna09

    Well, at least we now know that it wasn’t Thirsty that was in the casket. 🙄 I’m trying, I’m mean TRYING to hang in there with this show simply because I’ve invested so much into it, but the way it’s looking…

  • Sherrita Tabor

    I believe that’s 🍪in that ⚰️

  • Cowboy Nation

    I pled the 5th lmao😂😂😂But still scratching my head🤔🤔🤔on who’s 6ft⚰️⚰️⚰️under tho🤨🤨🤨

  • Shondeon

    That is one of my guesses.

  • R C


  • Lost Sheep

    I wonder if thts his Mom in the box

  • Shondeon

    Haven’t watched yet but SECOND!!!

  • Girly Girl

    Just wanted to say first even tho we seen it on FOX lol