Remy & Papoose: Meet The Mackies Episode 1 – ‘Golden Child’

After a few tedious rounds of IVF treatment Remy and Papoose are finally pregnant, and the “golden child” has already ruffled a few feathers with their other children. Meanwhile, Remy wants to see the kids move out of the house and start a life for themselves, and Jace aims to have an epic house party for his 18th birthday.

  • Jayne

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  • GG

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  • Jayne

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  • Pebbles

    No ratchet ness & then people complain and say:

    🤔why aren’t thier positive black shows. The people who create these shows read & see that people really don’t want positive they want negative reatchet love & hip hop & what’s similar to it

  • Pebbles

    Yes! He has made that very clear

  • kelz971

    something’s weird about shemele…

  • Ms jai

    I didn’t either sadly I really wanted to though

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    I see ppl saying the show is boring, and they’re not gonna watch it. I’m not gonna argue anyone’s taste. Just wanted to say that I really like this show. I stopped watching LHH, Black Ink and shows like that. They were entertaining for a while living vicariously ratchet through them, but that’s not my life. Plus it turned into an overly scripted circus. I feel like they are relatable, and goals.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Oh most definitely. I would never wish bad on anyone. Whatever way you can get your coin. I have no problem with. But she needs to check her kids asap

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    I love them and all, the show is just boring though.

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    Yea, I didn’t finish this episode.

  • Lorraine Contreras

    love it

  • leapyearpisces

    I PERSONALLY think they have let this “black love” thing go to their heads. Every time I would see the hey, baby, hey baby” commercial’s before the show debuted, I would CRINGE because now I feel they are over acting now….with that said, even though I have a love/hate thing with Remy, I wish her Papoose, and theit ENTIRE family well, and I hope for her a SAFE AND HEALTHY delivery, with a healthy child.

  • LotuSupreme

    Honestly I’m not gonna watch this. They’re boring. Just happy for them 🤗

  • At all

  • LaReyna09

    😯🤦🏾‍♀️😂 Don’t do him like that! 😂😂

  • LaReyna09

    Oh yes, absolutely! I don’t particularly like or agree with the “bastard” concept, but the premise is definitely deep rooted for those that are educated or raised in it.

  • ItzOnly1ofMe

    So true LaReyna09! I was also shocked to study that in Biblical times and in certain cultures today, if you give your child a name that is not or hasn’t been in your family tree they are considered bastards. So there is def something in a name!

  • ItzOnly1ofMe

    I love, love, love Remy Ma! I’ve finally started watching the other LHH’s and accepted the harsh truth that they are scripted BUT REMY, she always seems so 1,000! Plus I am behind her cause…I don’t condone violence, but I do understand! 🤩

  • Trinidivine

    I’m so tired 💤💤💤😴😴 of these spin offs. I’ve been gone some time came back. And the line up is whack!! Braxton sisters whack! love and hip hop whack! It’s like I can’t wait for real house wives I hope it isn’t whack!

  • Rere

    See, they trying to make me like Remy again. Lmao, I like her on TV not rap beef! seems like a pretty good family.

  • LaReyna09

    I love the fact that Papoose is very intent on the name selection for their “Golden Child.” 😂 It’s very wise and insightful on his part. Many don’t realize or take into consideration that the name you give a child possesses power and has the potential to shape and/or alter their future and destiny. When I was blessed with my 3 miracle babies, I kept my covenant with God and gave each of them Biblical names and traditional Edo names (my family’s Nigerian tribal lineage).

  • LaReyna09

    VH1 needs to stop playing with me and go ahead and make this an actual series. These few little episodes aren’t going to cut it! 😂 I enjoy watching their loving and genuine family dynamics. ❤

  • Gabby

    Bye ugly! Along with the shit for brains asshats who liked your comment too.

  • Adrianee P

    I see they got Papoose’s hairline together for the show. It looks great

  • Tabby

    Ha! I thought I was the only one!!!!

  • DaTruth4Liarz


  • DaTruth4Liarz

    Lls no it’s her dress. The image is not even circular at all lol. It’s def her dress

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    Me too! See…when u truly love urself u don’t have time to criticize. I’m happy for em!!!

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    I agree!!!

  • He Alwaye Wanted a Baby With Her. Period

  • Y’all Always Find Something to Complain About

  • Truth is, I’ve always found Remy to switch it on and off. One minute she’s knocking you over the head with bottles, and the next she’s acting highsiddity. She’s always been like that. She is being extra and I can see how it could put you off, but I don’t see it as fake because she’s consistently been this Jekyll and Hyde person.

  • {{{天I am Akuma天 I am Gouki天}}}

    melodies from haaaaven rain down on me
    rain down on me

    Rain down on me dodooda on me

    -every black person in this chat knows this song by being made to got to church

  • Gabby

    It’s possible to be authentic without being “loud and ratchet”. I’m all for reinventing yourself, i just don’t care about the strained, “foofoo” way of speaking she’s trying to do. It’s hella forced and difficult to watch.

  • I’m all for self reinvention. Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Is she doing a bit too much? Maybe. 😂 But I’d prefer fake wholesome over loud and ratchet any day considering she has kids and young black women looking up to her.

  • cara

    Yeah I hope she’s not being serious about kicking them out . That isn’t right, black people always kicking their kids out prematurely

  • Dodany

    The show is okay, not the best,,,,,,, howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i love how they don’t promote drugs, alcohol or any ratchet bullshit.

  • Dodany

    Ill give it one more try, but so far this show is not that great

  • Dodany

    Shitttttttt i thought i was seeing things, but now i know that was 100000000% nipple LMAO

  • Gabby

    Nothing but facts.

  • Gabby

    Why the hell is Remy talking like that? She sounds like she’s thinking hella hard of what to say so she can sound smart or as if she’s reading from a script. Sis you did about 10 years in prison for shooting someone. It’s a little too late to promote this fake ass “wholesome” image. Papoose is so lovable, showing his real personality and speaking authentically.

  • Ashly Jones

    That boy ain’t chubby

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    He slipped up three times I counted this episode. All was he or him.

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    LMFAO REMY SET HERSELF DOWN CCCLLLEERRYYYYY 😭😂😂 You talking bout that lil rap battle LMFAOOOO MY STOMACH HURT IT TOOK 7 MINS FOR REMY TO TALK ABOUT HOW FAKE NIGGA BODY IS 😒😔 We knew already . It took nigga 1 min to let that hoe know TO BE THE QUEEN OF RAP YOU GOTTA SELL RECORDS YOU GOTTA GET PLAQUES AND REMY HAVE NUN LOL that made me giggle maybe you should go listen to nicki. 1min diss. Yall such remy fans by that bitch music so MAYBE she can stand in the same place as nicki 😂😂😂 yall be killing me LOOK AT CARDI Bher career also bout to be over dead like Anna Nicole 😭😂😂

  • Lost Sheep

    Hell, im a Boss too, I gave MY Son 50 racks, 3 for each year, he 25, WAITTTT, tht dont add up, lol, damn, u caught me lyin Craig, I was tryin too kik it, lol, I wanted to be a BOSS!

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Lmfao and thats why i like her 💪🙌 she all that BUT she still THE BOSS VH1 & Oprah couldn’t even pay her ENOUGH to follow her life on tv 😭😂😂THATS EXACTLY WHY I LIKE HER THE BIYCH SAY & DO AS SHE PLEASES & STILL STAY ON TOP something like Donald Trump !!

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Because i like Papoose LMFAO and because I pay my phone 😂😂😂 LMFAO

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Lmfao mmk

  • Tinkerbell

    Pap slipped and said “him” about baby when they were in bed together eating Oreo’s cuh

  • Lost Sheep

    Tht bitch came for her FIRST, n Remy sat her WACK ass down! Nikki come for ppl first then play victim n u Barbs help her

  • Lost Sheep

    And we dont give two shits tht YOU dont give two shits, see how tht works, hatin ass!

  • Lost Sheep

    I wonder why ppl dislike Remy so much, hatin n shit, oh, I know, she dont match up with the BULLSHIT they make today! THEIR LOSS!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Her joint with lil kim was 💣though..

  • Butterfly Effect 🦋

    I enjoyed the show! Will keep watching.. I just love the way papoose loves on remy☺️💕 gives me hope🤞🏾

  • Adrianee P

    What makes it whack. Idk if I want to watch

  • Gabriale Lucas

    Maybe it’s just the dress lol

  • Gabriale Lucas

    Soooo am I the only one seeing her nipple the whole time threw out her confessionals lol 😂

  • Jus post my damn comment

    The hype of her doesn’t match her actual fan base, no one is checking for 90’s-2000’s rappers anymore. Jay Z can’t even move the same numbers anymore. So she listened to her husband and getting that age appropriate easy money.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Papoose knew having this baby would get the OFF love and Hip hop and their own spinoff, smart guy
    Remy looks amazing but i find it strange that she spent 7yrs away from her kind and is now rushing him out of the nest. It is with great intent though.
    Jayce is so handsome but he got chubby lol, they feeding him good.

  • Chloe Mailey

    I think what the problem is here is that Remy lost that bond when she went prison. Papoose gave them whatever to make up for the fact Remy was gone. She lost that attachment and now she just wants to start again with a new baby without the older ones there. I think the cracks will start to show in the relationship now

  • koKo ChAnEl

    True lol

  • Grace Turner

    I love their love and Pap’s deserve this happiness after holding the family down, while Remy was locked up!

  • Grace Turner

    I know right!

  • Rosi

    Damn they really seem in love and like they have an amazing sex life.

  • 23Jman

    Wack ass show

  • shasyl

    You sound mad bitter

  • shasyl

    Salty Scarlette just go and sip on your hater tea.

  • Black Honey


  • Amber Firstlady Darden

    I fucking love Remy! #blackloveiseverything

  • maleak_spaceage

    why tf are you watching the show then lmfaooo

  • Scarlette

    She knew that her album was going to flop so she all of a sudden miraculously got pregnant just to have an legitimate excuse not to release it after dropping a ton of flop singles… We see you Rem 😒

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Okay. There’s two things I gotta say about this show. And I could give two shits whether the REMY MOB likes it or nah. The slow talk is mad annoying. Not to mention… Her kids is mad disrespectful and unappreciative. That to me rubbed me the wrong way. Remy needs to bark on each and everyone of them. Fuck outta here!!!

  • 2sweet

    Liking this show remy’s a boss just like me i gave my son 18 racks 4 his earthstrong but he blew it on cars clothes n holidays but hes a hard working young boy he was worth it 😊

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    I’m so here for them!

  • shasyl

    Am piss you mention Nicki name here because she said she don’t have and issue with her but they are not buddies.Nicki is wack and her attitude stinks with her fake ass.

  • Queet C

    really like this show they are for eachother

  • Andrea Williams

    Them kids are too spoiled… smdh

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Ion even like Remy cause she came for nicki 😒😒

  • remy spoiling the shit out of her son 18 racks Bruh bout to be lit

  • R C