Empire Season 5 Episode 1 – ‘Steal From the Thief’

On the season 5 premiere, Cookie and Lucious are still in the midst of picking up the pieces two years after losing Empire to Eddie Barker. The family is now completely dispersed and coping in their own ways after experiencing unimaginable tragedies. Meanwhile, Cookie sets her eyes on a talented new singer and rapper.

  • Terish Lavette

    It may be his mom or that producer guy

  • Moto Moto

    LOL!! I noticed that too. Looks like dentures or something, they’re so pearly white lol

  • Fouet Bonbon

    well damn i missed last season

  • SweetRose Fox

    I think his boyfriend may have something to do with the Dubois’ or whoever is in the casket death had to do with them

  • India

    It’s probably Anika in the coffin …

  • Ricardo Joseph

    If y’all had watched the previous season and how it ended. Remember Hakeem and Tiana were outside the car were having a romantic moment. Then that guy came out of nowhere with a gun. That’s when Tiana got scared and told Hakeem to turn around and look.

  • Nit18

    I just got the name wrong. T and keem daughter ain’t named bella


    So, who ashes did his wife pour down the drain?

  • Imalay

    It says six months later not earlier

  • Imalay

    Yesssss i think it is jamals boyfriend if you notice when he introduced himself to lucious , lucious gave him that look !!!!

  • Jasmine Northrop

    I think whomever is in that coffin, Luscious played a role in getting them there. Also that coffin looks a little small…

  • India

    Same here

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Like no effort….

  • Ebony Hernandez

    Yeah. He tried to perform and fled off stage coughing, and had blood dripping from his mouth.

  • Pebbles

    I was unaware that he was coughing up blood

    I thought his issue was blowing on the breather equipment to assist in strengthening his lungs

  • Ebony Hernandez

    It can happen at anytime. As you can see, he’s still coughing up blood after two years.

  • QBee

    That 9.06min sex looked and sounded DRY as fucq!

  • Lynn

    I thought i was the only one like really is that how they are killing him off when i saw the scene i kind of knew how it would end

  • Lynn

    Its not jamal because he was at the funeral sitting next to becky and she was saying you couldn’t have known

  • Lynn

    I think andre is in the ⚰️if they kill off a main character i would think it would be him i mean if they kill off cookie the show is over

  • Straightshooter

    LOL!!! OK Lee Daniels, you want US…

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    I forgot about her. Could be.

  • Tee

    Wrong director. This is a Lee Daniels’ show.

  • Straightshooter

    OK Tyler so you want US to tell you who to put in the casket. Put the Mama crazy ass in there and we good.

  • Straightshooter

    thought he was giving her a massage

  • Leigh

    I don’t even want to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s definitely cancelled. I checked yesterday and was salty af about it lol. smh bitches

  • DeAsia Hutchinson

    So Jamal is in the casket obviously. He’s the one that wanted to leave and they made him stay. Who else would he be that kind of sorry to? I kinda began to love Eddie’s wife when she played tf outta Patel. Andre a whole new nigga since becoming a murderer 😂😂😂. Teyana got them two kids now and hakeem childish ass, pray for her. Im liking treasure as long as Ms. Barker don’t steal her

  • ChildofVenus

    Doubt it…

  • MelaninGoddess

    I think they killed Hakeem off, he’s not in any of the previews

  • Re Ambitious Sayles

    Yes she sings very well she song on an episode of the game at A wedding

  • Courtney Wheeler

    im not understanding Becky. is she subversive.

  • edu2015

    yes, you are right! I forgot all about that one!

  • Ahniys

    I’m tryna figure out why Cookie didn’t just buy a fan😂😂

  • kiwi

    …bella is the big girl, the baby is tiana’s

  • Ancient Wisdom


  • Pebbles

    Could it be his spirit …

  • Pebbles

    Yeah! They cancelled the show… last heard ( which I hope it’s not true) because it just left everything up in the air I hope it gets picked up on another channel

  • Pebbles

    I said the same either he a cop or he something else

  • Lovë 22

    This is Lucious we’re talking about

  • k a r l b

    Whoever is in that casket was killed by Jamal’s boyfriend…

  • Nit18

    Yes!!! Brittany from the Game. Thank you

  • Nit18

    The girl that came into the kitchen was keem and Anika daughter. Bella was getting held by Tiana when she was coming down the stairs

  • Danyel Robertos

    This season really started off great! Treasure…you can hear the emotion in her voice. Jamals boyfriend has a hidden side…..he handled that gun like someone who was trained. Hakeem and Teyana are cute together. As for who is in the coffin I pray its not Andre.

  • Leigh

    She’s also on the show ‘The Quad’ as Cedric’s girlfriend Bronwyn. Idk if you’ve watched that show, but just stating lol.

  • Lamont

    I really hope it’s not Hakeem. That would be too sad for me to keep watching. I hope it’s not any of the main characters. As a side-note, I always think that Jamal can’t upgrade any better, but he went and got him a beautiful chocolate man ❤! Go Jamal 🙌

  • Deano Fergi

    What an earth was cookie wearing why did she have a pillow on her back is that some type of new fashion I’m not swear of?

  • Deano Fergi

    Whatever that sex scene was supposed to be with Eddie wife was over cringey what an earth was the writers and/or directors thinking that did not seem anything like a sex scene. They could have at least had her pull down her skirt afterwards and the man zip up his zipper or something

  • Tylar Durdan

    Wait… so that’s teyana’s baby? I thought it was Anika and Hakeems daughter. Wtf is thirsty? AND are we really suppose to believe they ain’t had a.c. for TWO YEARS?! Ngghs need to airbnb that castle and get it together. It’s called a GIG economy lucious! Get with it!

  • Selina Ruan

    It’s 1 1/2 years later. ❤❤❤

  • BeinReal

    i believe its Hakeem. spitting up to much blood or the Mom since time has past

  • Prive

    It cant be Cookie based on season previews.

  • R C


  • TC

    Eddy is in the sewers of NYC ⚱
    I hope I’m wrong, but I think it may be Cookie. Only because there were rumors of her leaving this show last year.

  • YoungFabulous

    hmm whatever happened to Frida Gats girl. Thirsty was missing in action too. Only saw Porsha once. I don’t know. I hate when shows have you wondering and trying to figure stuff out a whole week before it comes back on.

  • YoungFabulous

    he wouldn’t be that calm though if it was Cookie or one of his sons

  • Iseeyoustaringlookingassnigga

    no it’s not. Why would her funeral be held 2 years later?

  • Sunshinegirl

    I knew she looked familiar.

  • Taretta

    Did Andre get some new teeth?!

  • edu2015

    That’s the lil girl that played as Jason and Kelly’s daughter on The Game… had no idea she could sing!

  • Pebbles

    Wouldn’t that happened before two years ?

    I’m glad we get to see his children at least he didn’t send upstairs & never saw them again except special occasions

  • Pebbles

    Really! It was good !

    I want to see which direction this show is going.

    I was kind of ticked off that it began two years later then switched to 6 months earlier.

    I need to know what happens ( reactions) in the two years

    I don’t know so far it’s alright but it’s misding something that

  • Da-Pope

    My money is on it being his momma. A Lee Daniels tease to have everyone wonder who it is.

  • Da-Pope

    I believe it’s none of the main characters. I believe it maybe his mother.. remember it’s two years 6 months after Hakeem was shot and they lost empire.

  • B123567


  • B123567

    If you watched the entire episode you bootleg on mute. 😂😂😂

  • B123567

    Lee Daniels, Honey, Issa NO sis! 😂😂😂

  • Esohe Faith Egabor

    Eddy is in the casket

  • Lovë 22

    I’m really thinking one of the sons because who else can make Luscious cry and apologize. Then again I’m thinking it’s Cookie , the camera panned very precisely on his wedding ring!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Lol It can’t be Lucious in the casket people, he’s the one standing over the casket…

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Lol naw I actually missed last season frfr

  • Pebbles

    No! It’s two years later LoL!

  • Pebbles

    Hakim need to stay away from her LOL! She bad though! Probably be a luv triangle but I hope she get with Andre though!
    I knew they would take care of her wack manager

    Becky wack too! Turncoat self ( I hope it’s an act though)

    I think something up with Jamal friend the way he handled that weapon let you know he is no amateur

    I don’t want it to be Lucious in the casket

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Treasure or Jamal

  • Lovë 22

    Damn I felt chills when Cookie told that girl in prison that she was going to change her life , like it was me 😂

    I’m her foe Jamal having a new man and all but homie need to chill, you new around here, let us warm up to you! Lol look at me saying “us” like I’m really a Lyon 😂😂😂

    Treasure!! Tiana who? Y’all keep her away from Hakeem!!!

    Lawd please don’t let it be Cookie in the casket, even though Taraji did say she doesn’t know how much longer she can play Cookie. If Taraji goes this must mean the end of Empire, the final season ’cause look, I’m not watching without Taraji!!

  • AnotherOne

    I am thinking it is Jamal’s boyfriend Kai from London. His relationship with Jamal was interfering with him coming back and joining the family on a permanent basis therefore he had to be gotten rid of. Remember it says 6 months later. Just an opinion folks.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Anika Died? i done missed an entire season lol forgot all about this show lol

  • Ebony Hernandez

    Not necessarily. Remember, Hakeem lost part of his lung. He could’ve succumbed to injury.

  • YoungFabulous

    hmm could it be Luscious mom

  • YoungFabulous

    umm who the hell is in the casket

  • Pebbles


  • Pebbles

    He was shown earlier explaining the deal he got Andre, porcha was shown even the white boi was shown

    Even the children , the maid etc

    Then again it was 6 months earlier

    I guess we have to wait

  • laquinda lee

    I’m thinkin luscious homie forgot his name because he was remorseful but not heart broken…..

  • Lacy4u

    I was thinking that the person in the coffin is Eddie’s widow, Nicole Ari Parker. Speaking of which, is she pregnant? I noticed she gained some weight on her body & her face looks puffier. I hope it’s due to pregnancy or weight gain and not plastic surgery or botox. If it’s the latter, then Cookie is right, it’s definitely botched just like Jada Pinkett Smith and Vivica A. Fox.

  • Erica PlayMiNot Milian

    Can’t be none of the family. I don’t see them killing off teyana. Too far away to be Anika she been dead. Too small to be Becky even doe I don’t like this fake hoe she’s become and I’m hoping it’s an act. Luscious wasn’t that hurt for it to be cookie or the kids doe. He just feels remorse for whoever. Uhm Idk

  • Shondeon

    I hope Andre didn’t get hurt in prison. What about Thirsty? Where he at?

  • Shondeon

    Two years later ? lol


    I’m confused.. yeah who is in the coffin???

  • Bonnie Jones

    I’m hoping it’s Anika

  • Pebbles

    🤷🏽‍♀️ I want to know too! I hope it ain’t cookie

    We know it’s not Jamal, Hakim, Andre so far & we know it’s not Lucious or is it?

  • April_Moon

    Yaaaaay my show is baaaack!! 😜

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Damn two whole years passed…Tiana got a baby..Hakeem’s a new daddy and still having problems breathing…Andre pulling info for the prison…Jamal got a new boo in London which may not last long at least not in London..Cookie and Lucius need 50,00 to get the air working and gotta start over cause Eddie is dead…w0w…

  • jus_saying

    so who’s in the coffin?

  • Amiah Oates

    When can you watch ?

  • Pebbles

    Yeah! That was last season he played chess while they played checkers and by the time they realized what happened it was to late

  • Brittiany Farrar


  • 2sweet

    Interesting 😑

  • R C


  • Shan D’irresistable Firstlady

    they lost the company to eddie .seems i missed that.