• Shaquanda Keys

    Well said, I concur

  • Kganja


  • Cherish0887

    We have the power to that scenario post it tag it mention it it will get far

  • Miss267

    I think it doesn’t have the promo it deserves

  • BirdsEyeView

    Ahh this show is amazing and eye opening. I know next to nothing about the trans community and this series open my eyes to their world. It’s funny how you can be oblivious to other people struggles. Like i know they are rejected by society a lot but never knew how DEEP their pain was and how horrific their stories were about coming out. Honestly, as a black person, i can kinda sort of see how other races outside of the black community were oblivious to the treatment we receive in America. I think when it’s not your pain, & you’re not living it or exposed to a certain group of ppl (other than tv stereotypes) you really can be somewhat detached to a certain extent. Wow. Thank u for this show!!

  • Trice

    us regular folk. born the gender role we are in everyday life

  • Ancient Wisdom

    The husband’s co-worker is low down and dirty. Why are you trying to destroy this man’s life because you showed up late to a meeting and he earned a promotion? I can only imagine how difficult it must be to accept your sibling as the opposite sex but I’m glad Blanca’s sister told her the truth in-the-end about how much her mother loved her, she desperately needed to hear that. At some point perhaps in the near future the sister not only will have to deal with the mother’s passing but perhaps Blancas passing as well. I hope they get all of their feelings worked out before that day comes.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I’m sure the wife is in total disbelief and shock, I certainly would be! I’m sure she was expecting a natural-born woman. When she pulled up to that ball and saw what she saw… she probably doesn’t know what to think! I know one thing, she knows now that she doesn’t know her husband at all💯 When she laid eyes on Angel I would imagine she felt somewhat intimidated among a myriad of other emotions. She got all dolled up yet Angel, in my opinion, is more attractive than the wife. The leased apartment, the other woman, the alternative life style… so much to take in at once. I hope the poor lady didn’t snap.

  • JB_202

    Each episode barely gets less than a million views 🙄

  • Ugo Tai

    I was just about to say that when blanca got the call about her mother’s death

  • Cherish0887

    I thought she had a knife, I’m like nooo don’t go with that bitch. She dolled up to show Angel how cute she is. She deserves 5s 5s all across the board for effort. Cause Angel got her man and didn’t even try🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cherish0887

    This shit to good to not 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    I guess I need to start watching it on tv so they can get my 1 view at least lol

  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah


  • Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    Exactly!!! She definitely wants something!

  • shasyl

    What is cis gendered if you don’t mind me asking

  • JB_202

    Bad acting !!!

  • King 777

    Omg..Every episode gets better. The writers really put a lot of thought into these scenes. They are the realest and so are the actors and actresses. This needs to go to the big screen! I hope they make a movie out of it!

  • Pebbles

    Good episode !

    “ I’m patty stans wife can we talk”

    I wonder!🤔 what she has up her sleeve ? Meaning his wife because she is to calm, cool & collective

  • jeauxjo

    my soul has been snatched!

  • Jazmine Dee

    me too if they kill off angel i will be so upset and she’s not even my favorite. if this is going to stay accurate there will be many murders tho

  • Jazmine Dee

    omg the scene of Mother’s Day morning when the sis comes and she has the flashback omg i balled my eyes out! like ugly cried

  • Su Ja

    I will be sad if this doesnt get a second season

  • LucyLou4731

    Wonderful television series

  • 7dos1

    Great episode yet again. I’m a cis gendered woman but I learned a lot about motherhood relationship in this episode. I hold a lot of bitterness towards my mother but if she died today or tomorrow I would have so much regret. I have to do better. This cliffhanger tho 😩

  • N’Deye Delgado

    omg I can’t with the cliff hanger !!! now we gotta wait til sunday to see what Ms. Patty and Ms. Angel gonna be talkin’ bout down to the diner henny !! uughhh…

  • RaeTay

    This show does not get enough attention! It has a good storyline good character development and consistency with staying in the era it’s written for. I would like to see another season!

  • Made Jade

    Thought Patty was going to pull up and shot Angel lol. Cringing!!!!!!!

  • Juanita Applebaum

    ooh wee, i thought patty was going to get coerced into walking. this is about to get even better.