• Shaquanda Keys

    Hastag….Love me without conditons. I love it!!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Not sure if you’re implying that I was judging but I wasn’t I was simply asking a question about why he received a brown paper bag and what might be in it thank you for your response

  • Antoine D. Bates

    He left with a bag because he’s a top and he wants to have protected sex. The dancer aka Damon is a bottom he doesn’t need the condoms because he feels his man will protect him. That had nothing to do with medicine and they wouldn’t prescribe medicine that fast. They have to do way more tests before giving medicine. He’s trying to be respectful and protect his man. Don’t judge just educate

  • Dixie Rect

    Several different species have a range of sexualities and genders. And they aren’t classified as abnormalities. Only humans classify anything beyond the gender binary and heterosexuality in humans as abnormalities. So something is clearly wrong with that.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Thank you for your response. I knew the older guy was positive but this guy I didn’t see the doctor actually telling him his result he just walked out and told them his result. He was the only one with a brown paper bag so I was wondering if it had medicine in it.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Nature is governed by natural order. There are anomalies to that natural order.

  • Dixie Rect

    If homosexuality and transgender people were against nature, they wouldn’t exist period. Nature produces variations and all types permutations of beings – its called biodiversity.

  • leapyearpisces

    He”s negative. The doctor gave him a bag of condoms and stuff. They showed the doctor telling theme their results. Praytell (the older guy) is the one that tested positive.

  • WrestleShade Deontrae Spruill

    no shade….. #realshit

  • WrestleShade Deontrae Spruill

    thanks for the love.

  • WrestleShade Deontrae Spruill

    thank you sooo much for posing this, i have to say ….. i really didn’t think this show would have made it on :BSz… but good look . It brings back soooo many great memories: as i use to be apart of this wave… and shit was funnnn as hellll…

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I didn’t expect to watch or like this show because of the subject matter however I look forward to each episode. Homosexuality, transgenderism and all of the categories in between go against nature. While that may sound like a judgement to some it is simply a statement of fact. I do overstand that people who are dealing with these issues are simply trying to be comfortable in their own skin. Each of us is attempting to be comfortable in our own skin regardless to how the challenge presents itself. I know and love people who fit into these categories and I treat them with the same love and respect as any other human being. This show does a great job of illustrating the emotional spiritual physical social and even mental challenges of feeling like you’re trapped in the wrong body. Just being trapped in my emotions at times is hard enough. Even though the acting is not always great I like each of the characters and I want them all to win. The dude that’s dating the dancer he said he was negative but he left the doctor’s office with a brown paper bag & literature that the other’s did not receive. I presume the bag had medicine in it.

  • Darrisha Flawless Hunter

    This show it everything. I have a lot of homosexual friends and transgender friends and I’m very happy that the outside world gets to see a lot of what they go through my friends are like my family and I’m scared for them all the time now people on the outside looking in are able to see what their life is really like and hopefully they won’t be treated so badly anymore and people could really understand their life style / way of life much better.

  • Jay-zelle Tanyelle Coleman

    Everytime I watch this show. My heart smiles

  • Pebbles

    This is a good show better than expected …

  • Taretta Jones

    I promise Im invested like these are real people.

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    I’m so glad they made this show. Give people a glimpse of what we as homosexuals go through. It’s so real. It makes me grateful for the family and friends that I have. Love me without condition.

  • Loppy

    I love this show! I hope it doesn’t get canceled!

  • Alisa D. Jones

    This show is a history lesson that is relevant to this day. This episode shows the danger of vanity and what risks these individuals are taking to achieve it with breast injections and butt injections and its side effects. I liked the episode of the H.I.V. scare and how everybody got together to get their results. As a straight person I love this show and I hope they continue with success for another season.

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  • YoungFabulous

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  • Lost Sheep

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  • Su Ja

    I love this show so much. Please let there be a season 2