• Pable Holloway

    Absolutely captivating!!! I love every moment. Do the dang thang!!!!

  • kinky twist

    I am really sitting here ballin my eyes out.. 😭😭 this is what its all about friends and family .. i absoluetly loved this episode !!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙

  • CtheGod

    I knew damn well i was bout to see some red pumps👠😭 and still cried like a bitch…. Even ricky crying over getting a present(He got some brand new and got something brand new ya dig 😉). I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT! This damn show. I’m just waiting on something heartbreaking to happen (u just kno its coming) and I be so sick🙎 i have to smack a mf in RL. Like ✋👊👣”And that’s for House of Evangelista Bitch!”

  • BoosieBoo

    Who the fuck cutting onions

  • Quinshareo Garnertolson


  • Ashleigh Camille

    When y’all gonna upload episode 4 tho

  • Miss267

    Ugh, I now have a new addiction… I liveeeeeeee for the girls….

  • Stephen Jesse Ford

    Brilliant show

  • DivaBamz

    I LOVE this show!!! I am straight but this show has given me on how the other half live. I love all my people, I just wish people in this world was more accepting! From the first episode, it had me in my feelings, shedding tears, next episode I’ll make sure I have the tissue ready lol!

  • Jay W

    Pose gives me soooooo much LIFE !! I’m not Trans but I’m bisexual .. I know how hard acceptance is and I just wanna reach out to EVERY and ANYONE Who’s hurting. I’m learning soooo much of another side of the community that I never knew. Pose! KEEP IT COMING ! This is ground breaking and paving the way

  • YoungFabulous

    wipes tears after seeing red patent leathers

  • jeauxjo

    THIS show gives me ALL The Feels of the AGES!
    at first I was a little worried that it was going to be some overly exaggeration of Paris Is Burning(if you’ve never seen it or heard of it..watch it. it’s on Netflix). Bayyyybeh was I wrong. There are simularities, but POSE has taken something that has been unknown to most into a whole new world, a new culture of acceptance and understanding. & I Thank Ryan Murphy and his brilliant crew for doing so. From the first 15 minutes of episode one I KNEW I was going to get every onuce of my life & that I was going to be HOOKED! These children are ACTINGGGG their behinds OFF!!! I’ve cried, laughed, gagged, screamed, said about a thousand “Yaaasssssss B.ITCH” on every episode so far. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell 50 more friends about this show. Let’s NOT let this show fade away.

  • Tomknowles

    Love this show ! So inspiring and everytime i watch Pose I get emotional because of how much pain disapointment we go through in our lives …

  • Meeshe

    Love this show

  • I’m not crying! Youre crying!
    This is a beautifully scripted show. and i feel like homophobic/transphobic people should have to watch this to truly understand the other sides.

  • Loppy

    It takes a lot for me to sit down and focus on a show, because I have a very short attention span. This show is good! I love it!

  • Ttrini

    This shows makes me cry every single episode!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ it!!!

  • Tashatha Latham

    This is now my new favorite show!!! I never realized the struggles!!

  • slapahoetribe

    I love love love this show i have watched each ep at least 5 times . this show has given me life baby

  • DJ008

    This is my life before my eyes; now, somebody understands what it is like to be loved, wanted and needed…

  • Su Ja

    This is such a beautifull show. I never expected me to like it this much but I love it.

  • Sierra Vaughn

    I’m 3rd

  • Wow!! This was so emotional to watch!! Im so thankful that those who live with HIV/AIDs Live longer and stronger. My bestfriend was diagnosed with HIV decade ago and is alive and living.

  • I cant wait to see episode 3 …#PoseFirst