• My Life Matters

    Yeah like she did with Benny the first go round

  • My Life Matters

    All the more reason he might actually be Candace’s rapist dad. The plot thickens

  • My Life Matters

    Hold up! Pause! Years ago? So Veronica been cheated on David? Smh

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    He said he was gonna end it all like his sister🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Trina Alexander

    The Sugar mama episode which was last night June 19 not on here yet I had to watch it on the Xfinity app

  • Swayy Here

    It came on last night

  • Trina Alexander

    One week they will have the new episode on here then another week they wont, they always do this shit it probably won’t be on here until tomorrow.

  • Lovë 22

    He was talking about killing himself, the way Amanda did by shooting himself in the head.

  • loubessie9

    david= simp. or he’s playing along with her.

  • loubessie9

    wyatt killed his sister? thought she did it herself.

  • Mhlll88

    where is the new episode?

  • loubessie9

    another one of veronica’s pawns

  • India

    Hannah’s man is a jailbird ….😂😂😂😂

  • jus_saying

    Did Wyatt say just like my sister? He was the one that killed her?

  • Sky Vega

    Well technically in the haves and have nots world it’s only been about one year since the first eoidosde until now

  • Sky Vega


  • Broken But Mendable

    I have never had a baby. For those of you whom have, correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t it only take nine months to show. She been pregnant for 3 years and she is still flat as a board. LOL Dang Tyler!

  • taj

    I know right..I like his intuition cant be that distorted now. In his field he should be about to spot her manipulative stank ass out the crowd.

  • taj

    Shoot I dont feel sorry for him his pockets are going to grow..but I do feel bad for the wrath she’ll bring on him as soon as he crosses her. OMG this is going to be so interesting.

  • taj

    I don’t know what Jeffrey thought process was to even mess with that crazy ass man in the first place, he knows that dirty cop was a hot mess to being with; now look how far his situation has reached… I cant wait to see how he’s going to get his self out of this situation and if so is he going back with him..OMG

  • taj

    Well in fairness he messed with Veronica before he met Hanna, and from the looks of it just like she is trying to blackmail him now she probably made him feel like he owed her something, Veronica is a scandalous bitch who is going to get whats coming to her soon.

  • MrsH2O

    Haven’t watched it yet, but I knew it to…. About to watch it now.

  • StraightShooter

    I told Jeffrey to run! LOL He need to beat the wind! I aint even playin’

  • StraightShooter

    Awww man! I knew Hannah’s man wuz too good to be true.

  • StraightShooter

    “Before I let em have you, Imma kill all three of us.” 😲 Jeffrey what did you do to him? Run!

  • shasyl

    That Jim Cryer is a piece of filth and Justin the cray cray need to be in a looney bin.
    Veronica is savage.i knew that man who is after Hannah was up to go good but he looks like he want to stay clean and be with a good women.

  • Lacy4u

    I just know that they are not going to pin another one of Wyatt’s murders on Benny again??!!

  • Terra Douglas

    How is David not suspicious yet about Erica? She ain’t been to work since they moved there, didn’t she tell him she worked in marketing or something😂😂😂

  • Taretta Jones

    As many threats as Justin has made to Jeffrey and he STILL continues to sleep with him. I swear he is so weak minded. Just like how Veronica controls him.

    So Jim was out here going raw in all these escorts?! eeww LOL….he gone come down with those letters in just a bit

    I need for Veronica to get whats coming to her. Its like she has the whole cast under her thumb hahaha

    Can Wyatt die already? His non acting a*s is getting on my nerves.

    Benny…poor Benny. You playing with the mob boo. But the way he talks to his mom likes she’s HIS child and how he acts like nothing bad will come to him. He needs to get whats coming to him

  • WhitWhit

    Boooa these mfs are crazy lol

  • Tasticks

    Ol’ girl needed a triple shot to screw Jim Cryer’s old, nasty ass! 😂😩💀 He is too old to be raw dogging women.

    I know y’all love Veronica but homegirl is played out. If she’s not getting rejected for sex, she’s threatening to expose someone.

    And I called it last week. I knew somebody would think Benny killed that Malone. Now his friendship with Mitch will suffer.

  • nickki black


  • Stacia Lamar

    I almost lost it at ” I will kill all 3 of us” Jeffery must got that dope dick. That mtfa is bonifide crazy as shit😂😂😂

  • Pebbles

    The show is getting better..

    For a sec I thought a flashlight went off in David’s head

  • FirstLadyM90


  • Jae La’Nae

    I need a Veronica in my life lmao I just love her

  • R C


  • Trice