WATCH: Ryan leaks footage of him vandalizing 9Mag and lashes out at Black Ink Crew producers

Ryan Henry is calling foul on the Black Ink Crew producers for accusing him of vandalizing his tattoo shop and firing gun shots into the walls at the end of his lease before turning it over to the production company. Watch as he takes to social media to plead his case in response to viewer backlash by releasing his own footage of himself defacing the walls and calmly moving out his stuff minus any gun play,.

  • LaQuita Jackson


  • Rae York


  • Shaneice Knowles

    wow so much drama over what?like calm down

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    Bro ummm u told van u did it while the whole world watched.🤷🏽‍♀️Now we hallucinating? I was sober ….impossible.

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    You’re right…last year van posted the numerous bills he’s paid for 9mag..light bills leases etc

  • Wetnwild86

    Right!! I was thinking the same thing

  • hennystr8t


  • Ots Rell

    Lol so it gives them a right to mind HIS business lmaoo never . he fucked kat so what if he’s wronq tell him that n leave it there . but to disrespect that man is wronq . bringing kat n the shop behind his back FOUL

  • Ots Rell

    See that’s the problem nobody knows how to mind their business . they showed him they wasn’t really his friends . van threw poker chips in his face at a party . nobody came at don crazy when he cheated with Charmaine & disrespected her , but when its Ryan everybody got something to say about how he was wrong MIND YALL BUSINESS . let him kat n Rachel deal with that .

  • MéliMélo

    Yes they paid for their chairs only but Ryan was paying bills and Van’s chair which he could easily given to someone else, and when he called them out on it they all played dumb, including Phor’s cowardly behind. But they were all shouting “we’re family we got your back” and when Van got out of jail he started lashing out at Ryan for beef that had nothing to do with him and proceeded to bully Cobra. And suddenly the they have morals, why have they never disrespected Don for cheating on Ashley multi times or Phor for cheating on Nicki/Kat??? Your excuse for their parasite behaviour is laughable. But hey Ryan had moved on to better pastures and they can continue to beat on each other because that’s all they know.

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    & I dont believe production would put a gun shot, that makes no sense and adds nothing to it, but I do believeone of ryan’s minions would do it, maybe not him personally

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    So Ryan releases his own edited vandalism video? Yet it ends with the sign intact. I believe lily because we all saw how rachel was when kat came to her on camera about the affair, she went off on production

  • StraightShooter

    Uhm… yeah… So this is stupid.

  • Kashaiye BossBaby Gladden

    Ryan is a WHOLE bitch …. Red Nigga Shit!

  • kneesee

    Rather she telling the truth or not you would be a fool to believe anything that comes out of her mouth after we ALL have seen the lies she has told. Furthermore, why she talking? If anybody was to clap back I would think it would be his day ones ex Charmaine, Van, Phor etc. Girl you bareeelly made it! Lily said it correctly…mess up or try to mess up her money and she gunning for you. You see the clips of her trying to take over the shop. We all know she is desperate for a coin. Again just flashback to the Cobra and Junior situation. She trying to secure the bag and she gone be loud and ignorant as she want them to be for that coin. Her comment didnt even make sense to me. I was lost at the cake. Bye Lily….go convince them to bring Bad Girls Club back. You would be perfect for that show.

  • kneesee

    Im so confused.

  • MsBee8

    thank youuuuu I neverrrrrrr liked ryan ass he act like he wear G strings lolol

  • Shar-De’ Wheeler

    Thats the problem. You and his crew think yall all need to come to a realization about something Ryan is doing with his dick?? What dog do yall have in that fight? Thata the issue wake up tomorrow morn, go to work, and talk shit to ur boss about who he is/was fucking. Let me know how it turns out for u.

  • Pebbles

    All I need is for Lilly to pull out her own video

  • Jayne

    For someone who portrays themselves as partly a hot head on the show, Ryan was very calm and collected painting over the sign.

  • MzNeicy

    Damn Commented to soon thanks Lilly for being honest smfh she had that Guilty look when she saw that shit she already knew lmfao

  • MzNeicy

    Lmfao his Alternative truth how you making a grand exit with niggas still in the building lmfao Ryan might not done it who’s to say the ratchet ass niggas he was with didn’t do it lmfao!!!!!!

  • LaReyna09

    I completely concur with you… dead spot on. Ryan is seriously exhibiting some immense FUCK BOY TENDENCIES and I’m not here for it. Just as you stated, he executes his misdirection via his blow up with the production when he’s confronted with the truth and fails to own up to his crap.

  • Briet

    This is pathetic! He don’t respect his sister at all living like this. He is full of shit and get yall with his sad stories and “pretty” looks. He doesn’t fool me at all. What an idiot

  • ria

    lightskinned rage is real lol

  • jus_saying

    I agree that he’s not innocent but one cannot run a business when he is not regarded as the boss. No matter how messed up he is. I wouldn’t wanna work with a messed up boss. Why do they? Too much was happening… needed to end..

  • jus_saying

    They paid for their individual chairs as they should and as the boss he paid the bills as he should. No doubt he’s made bad choices but Van esp acts like Ryan owes him something and Ryan said many times that 9Mag was his idea and began with his investment. The real problem is that they were more friends than employees…they had no respect for him and in a business a boss must be respected. Either he’s going to continue or start over…I hope he learned his lesson – friendship and business don’t mix….The problem is bigger than Kat, hadn’t it been her it would be another reason for them to fall apart. The relationship between him and them haven’t been healthy….sometimes we have to go separate ways regardless of fault…..they just have to find another shop to work. He is not obligated to remain in that toxic situation but like I said, he should have given them a heads up.

  • Russell Smith

    Im telling you its probably VH1 who did it themselves for the story line. Of course they are gonna make it more crazy for the views. It makes no sense for him to break everything and shoot it up if he is leasing the place and he knows its gonna be on camera.

  • Bionca

    Fucking LOOSER With capital L #YouFool

  • MChantye

    so true, but he is so cute, I cant stay mad him lol

  • Mslala875

    He is so full of his self and shit! He claims to have done it all on his own right, but yet contradicted himself by saying his sister before her death fronted him the money to start it, plus van and who ever else was there since doors opened and far before the show was established, he trying to make us believe none of the employees paid booth rent like they didint know that goes towards the over head to run the business….if that was the case how the hell they got paid and how the hell the business stayed afloat far before the show brought additional income??!!! GTFOH he probably trying to avoid being sued by the building owner for damages as usual protect face right LOL

  • Jokithetruth

    So from what the show showed, everyone was apart and Ven seemed to have as much partnership as Ryan. I’m sure everyone paid bills too. Now as far as Ryan’s sister, I’m sure she would be happy with his moves, but you don’t put ppl on and think u can take them off just bc they don’t condone your unfaithful behavior. Ryan’s can’t be mad they didn’t have his back when shit came to light bc what he was doing to Rachel behind her back was so wrong!!!! BASICALY RYAN DID THIS TO HIMSELF AND HIS EMPLOYEES AINT STOPPING THEIR MONEY!!!!

  • BxMontana

    😁😁😂😂 Cry baby a$$. Big facts tho.

  • MayaDivine

    Also the show is called Black Ink Crew… so if you don’t have the crew, there is no show. I don’t want to see a new 9mag cast, I wana see the original cast doin new things. Love Charmaines growth. Van tryna be a better man. Phor’s growing music career… even Don doing the same f-boy stuff, Cobra’s next love-quest, Lily getting drunk and being generally random and dysfunctional… I NEVER watched for Ryan, he was more of a side note… Someone who had to be there but was never missed when he wasn’t… I say they ditch 9mag and all Ryan-related storyline and move in with the crew…

  • BxMontana

    💯 exactly. Besides who ??? “records” themselves vandalising a place ..queer😶. He recorded this before he made any real damage – for an alabi perhaps. His mannerisms are off. Of course he wouldn’t show himself put a hole through the wall, nobody wanna pay the landlord extra. Incriminating really. Everything’s scripted, everyone’s tryna doctor their own storyline.

  • MayaDivine

    I notice Ryan gets mad when people expose the truth about his bad actions…. not about his original bad minded-ness but because someone tells the whole truth. he dismissed Kat because she exposed him. Classic misdirection. Throw a tantrum so people don’t remember that you were the one who did wrong in the first place. *in my miss celie voice* “everything yuh don’ tuh me, gon’ come right back to yooo”

  • allsmiles


  • allsmiles

    I understand everything that you’re saying but Ryan is not innocent in all of this mess Ryan does sneaky stuff and tries to play like he’s innocent when he’s not he played a part in them all separating if he loved his girl the way that he says he does he wouldn’t never have messed around with Kat period….

  • EbsBeDrippin

    This the calmest vandalism I ever seen🤔

  • MéliMélo

    Yup, and he remember he was the only one who was paying for Van’s ungrateful behind while he was in jail and everyone else just pretended like the chair was paying for itself SMH but today all of them want to say that Ryan ain’t ish. They’re worst than parasites!

  • April_Moon

    So Van has opened up his own shop in the same building that Ryan used to be in but he’s doing it “separate from the show”..???? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just film that for his storyline on the show instead of making him appear to be helpless without Ryan. Ryan crying about getting done dirty by edits but it seems to me like they’re doin Van a lot more dirtier

  • 2sweet

    Well said 😊

  • jus_saying

    Van is a hater and a bully. I wonder if he’s going to bully his partner.

  • jus_saying

    I don’t think a lot of people understand how much pain Ryan is in. Remember, he started the shop with $ his sister gave him and then she died. For him 9Mag is really about making her proud. He paid the bills, game up with the show concept, made it successful and like every boss he didn’t do it by himself but it was money from his sister and it was his dream first and foremost. I’m glad he’s starting over and I wish him the best.

  • Zarah

    Producers of Black Ink are the lowest…. who cares if Ryan did or didn’t vandalize the shop, saying he used a gun can lead to him catching a case or at least an investigation, that’s so reckless 😖

  • Bri Truthful

    Lily sit your drunk ass down!! You talking all this shit about how Ryan almost took away you opportunity when you she be thanking him for GIVING YOUR ASS ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  • Bri Truthful

    He’s saying he didn’t trash it or shoot no gun in there but he did say he was taking all remnants of 9mag and I guess that included the logo. It probably was wallpaper anyway lol

  • Lost Sheep

    Its called editing, girl, they be gettin ppl with tht shit, lol, yeah Lily aint right, the bottle got her acting crazy

  • Lost Sheep

    It sounds far-fetched, but Ive watched enough not-so-reality TV to know Production would damage they own shit for ratings, as long as the damage is minimal, n tht was minimal! They dont give a fuck about reps, pain, Marriage Breakups, exposing u, ruining your life, NOTHING! Its all about the ratings! I believe Ryan

  • Zarah

    Something not right with Ryan’s video, it started with him blacking out the sign but when they supposedly leaving “peacefully” with his stuff the sign was intact. 🤔
    Lily is a hot mess as usual trying to come for the person who provided the opportunity 🙄 Wtf 😭

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Lilly drunk ass wouldn’t even be on the show had it not been for Ryan, talking bout she almost lost her opportunity.

    Van is a hating ass nigga and it sucks. He been tryna bully Ryan over the shop. Just come out that’s you’re bi-curious.

    Good for you ryan. You’ve been by Charmaine side I can’t believe she started talking all that shit for a girl that assaulted her multiple times. Phor seems real loyal even Don unloyal ass seems loyal to Ryan.

  • Lost Sheep

    Me either, her handle should be DRUNK ASS LYING LILY

  • Anastasia Roberson

    They still gone sucksuck . All they know is fighting

  • Lost Sheep

    Girl, I said the same thing!

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    I would never believe her!

  • Scarlette

    🤔 So he claims to not have vandalized the place but at the same time release video of him doing it smh. He’s so concerned about his public image that he’s actually starting to do stuff that’s counter-productive. I can tell that he has trust issues as it pertains to that production crew though that’s why he recorded the move out process himself in case they tried to play him…but he still managed to get played 😂

  • Miracle

    Wow so Van finally got his own shop huh? 👏👏👏 Good now he can stoping whining about Ryan ALL OF THE DAMN TIME

  • Ttrini

    I don’t believe anything from Lily…she is foul af and proven liar. Ryan FINALLY did what’s right which is dipped and started anew. Hopefully he defines clear boundaries with his new employees

  • Cubanita

    Looool Ryan is soo Petty

  • 🤣 Ryan is the bosss