Teyana & Iman Episode 6 – ‘Through Thick and Thin’

With basketball season approaching, Teyana and Iman try to make precious memories before Iman heads back to ball. Meanwhile, after finding out that Junie B Nails is not finished days before the grand opening, it’s all hands-on deck to finesse a perfect launch.

  • Vickiisecretz

    Such a beautiful family. Lovely relationship. Cute kid. God had trusty blessed you guys. ❤️ Keep up the work!

  • Trinidivine


  • Doris G

    I really enjoyed this show.

  • Ebony Da’shay

    Yo thanks for tea 🍵 sis had no clue I hope 🤞 it bs rumors somebody hating

  • Ebony Da’shay

    😢sad they show over one of the dopest shows out just a real family in love 😍 and living they best life together I shed a tear hearing her speak of her love and him too …. other note his music is fire 🔥 I need that on radio 📻 asap sick 🤕 of the bs rap music lately

  • MsCee

    I love his songs…they’re actually dope

  • Trayc Owuor

    they triiiid it!!!!!

  • Trinidivine

    Because they only have 6 Episodes they’re trying to speculate the show was cut short or cancelled. News online states it’s because Iman cheated and they are currently separated. However, Teyana posted a short vid with a comment the only spilt happening is about to be a “spilt on this dick” dancing at some dancehall.

    Tamera peters posted the vid down below!

  • Shaquanda Keys

    wayment….what’s tea?

  • Josie da Goddess

    What rumors?

  • Tamera Peters


  • Tamera Peters

    Sorry tried to get a better shot but point is they are not splitting up

  • Tamera Peters
  • Trinidivine

    I love them!! It is rare to see a black couple so much in love and supportive of each other. I hope those rumors are false.

  • Ja’Nice Locket-Dortch

    So This Was The Finale?

  • Danielle Nicole Scott

    They give me life! I just wish it was more than 20 mins tho… -__-

  • Courtney Wheeler

    this show is pointless

  • Vic Smith

    But this is episode 6

  • Katrese Martin
  • Katrese Martin

    It better not be true 😔

  • Ttrini

    Just read they trending on twitter for breaking up….is this true?

  • Ms jai

    They relationship is special…..I adore it

  • shasyl

    Am so happy for Teyana that she found a really good man after what she went through with her ex.She got her happy ending and i pray that she and Iman stay together so that Junie don’t grow up in a broken home.

  • Regina

    They are so good with each other!!!

  • April_Moon

    Ummmm you’re actually NOT first 😒

  • R C


  • shasyl


  • R C

    Hate on that bitches🖕🏽