Your Husband Is Cheating On Us Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘The Show and the Showdown’

On episode 2, Ginuwine isn’t sure this role is for him, D’atra confronts Kristen about an issue, and the connection between Tondy and Ginuwine is heating up. Meanwhile, after 30 years of baggage and drama with D’atra, Lia is pushed too far.

  • Marquitta Thompson

    Yes he did kno cause he mentioned it in the first episode he knew what he was doing putting those 2 in the same house but we all kno it for tv

  • Marquitta Thompson

    True but i guess in tge heat of the moment she wasn’t thinkin like that she was just trying to be nosey and see what’s going on cause she damn sho wasnt gone help if they were fighting it just backfired in her face literally 😂😂😂 and she got salty and a couple feelings hurt

  • Marquitta Thompson


  • Marquitta Thompson

    I agree from the 1 with the braids talkin shyt to D’atra to the other 1 coming at Kristen the way she did them lil bitches would’ve had me and my mama fucked up 😂😂😂

  • kdjasmine

    Lia really tried to run up in their room like that lmaoooo D’atra was drunk as hell thats why she was yelling
    The daughters are wild disrespectful I’m shocked that JD is just letting them treat the cast like garbage and expecting everything to be fine

  • India

    D’atra said she was with him before her
    And that guy confirmed it ..he said he don’t know how D’atra let Lia steal her man and marry him…

    Even after Tony Grant got married to Lia he still was messing with D’atra

    I would have never guess he was like that ..on his Instagram page all he talks about is God ..he’s in most of Tyler Perry’s plays ..🤔🤔🤔

  • India

    D’atra Hicks was also in a play when she was young called Mama I wanna Sing …

    She has a huge ass family…In NJ
    they also own a family Resturant call Maggie’s…

    I’m surprised she let herself go ..she looks terrible …

  • India

    I wasn’t even going to watch this show until I saw D’atra name ….it’s dirty asf to put Lia and her together …there’s never going to be love between them two ..I couldn’t do it

  • India

    I never seen any of them except D’atra in a play …Mama I Wanna Sing…was off the charts..
    I’m with you ..Ginuwine don’t make my pantries moist either …I don’t even see him attractive …

  • Susie Wong

    D’atra is not ugly she is out of shape – need to hit the gym look at her pics when she was younger- slim and cute!

  • Susie Wong

    Poor Kristen- being bullied by JD’s daughters – stand up for yourself – against the two chiwawahs- lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • EffU

    Yesss…I thought it was just me or my computer screen. Im like why are their faces different colors than their necks and chests?? lol

  • EffU

    Whoooaa! Dammnnn..I never even connected the last names. Taral Hicks is her sister??? I prob spelled her name wrong but who cares lol and also I KNEW I knew Datra from somewhere but cldt put my finger on it…its was from Divorce Court! LOL Thank u @[email protected]_sfR6YvnEN1:disqus for these tidbits lol

  • EffU

    Strong personality or annoying personality?? Shes very annoying. I know ppl with strong personalities and theyre not irritating like D’atra.

  • Pebbles

    He aight!! My panties don’t become moist.

    He turned me off by saying D was the reason he was leaving.

    Instead of being honest, learning the lines is just tew much

    By the way I just watch d in the stage play “the maintenance man” and it was real good on YouTube the guy who played Laura Brother was the lead in all his fine ness

    There were real good actors and the other stage play lovers & friends that was good too Leon with his fine self and the other kutey

  • Kalinga Silva

    Oh my god she’s absolutely beautiful

  • Fouet Bonbon

    That one daughter would have been told at jump, Honey you are gonna respect me as your elder and your daddy should have taught you better. Play or no Play. Lil Bitch thinks she can talk shit to everyone because her daddy’s position and the position he gave her Lil tired ass as an assistant to him..
    Little young ass bitch is letting that lil assistant title go to her head.

  • KIER

    Omg I remember that divorce court episode. I knew I seen her ass somewhere before lol

  • Pebbles

    It’s not far fetched that Genuine & d had something back in the day..

    JERMAINE only making that comment about d based on appearance wise.. let me ask y’all a question how many women disregarded a woman based on her looks? Saying oh! My so & so would never be interested in that? Then found out they made a grave mistake Simone anybody..

    If genuine stop trying to fawk Toddy maybe he can focus & practice his lines .. instead of trying to blame it on D because he messing around with her & her friend don’t like D

    When the Australian gurl told JD what d said .. I gave her a side 👀 & Said they fawking because all she had to say that D was at shop … but nooooo she giving all this extra information

  • Rokses


  • 2sweet

    Give D’atra a fucking break people always want to break down a strong personality this is class as group bullying kmft😑😒

  • The Observer

    You’re welcome!

  • Moy

    Lia had no business pushing her way into D antra and the lovely young lady’s room…

  • Moy

    Yes ii agre

  • Moy

    I love Dantra’s personality all day ,she is funny as hell….and I love all the cast members on the show….they need to do a group de-stress something physical to get the tension out the house….the daughters are disrespectful though,they don’t know how to talk to people…no damn manners….not professional

  • Victoria M.

    Lia didn’t get that worked up about the door being closed and she knows it. She doesn’t like her and doesn’t want to. She needs to cut it out. lol.

  • Josie da Goddess

    Jermaine was right about DeAtra….she has that loud annoying personality to offset her insecurities I believe too.

    The daughters Still have some growing up to do….and I see their spoil ways and entitlement Bc who their daddy is…
    That was very unprofessional to bring that up with Australian girl…(I forgot her name) at their father’s bday party.

    And JD knew damn well with all of that history with so many of the cast members were going to cause some kind of friction…smh

    But it’s going to be interesting how it all going to play out…

  • Josie da Goddess

    Thanks I didnt know

  • Darla UknoIstayblessed Henley

    D’Atra…I’ve seen her in a few plays…she was really great in them. And has killer vocals. I like her…This aint about her personal life to me its more about getting the job done. Thats what they all should focus on. 3 people in the house already have a past with her. Of course they or going to have bs floating around. JD knew what he was doing when he brought them together. Hell he know she has a strong personality. And he has the tag team Lia & Tondy. And goodness if he dont get his daughters under control. I cant wait till see the finished product.

  • Bionca

    D’atra Bitch BYE #Fire that stupid dumb bitch Right now….😤

    THEM UGLY DAUGHTERS..Just need to PLAY THERE ROLES AS #Assistants And STF😳😳😳

  • The Observer

    So I had to Google D’atra because she gotta huge personality and I was wondering why I have never heard of her before. So here are some fun facts:

    D’atra was the woman on Divorce Court that had the no good hubby and she kept singing whenever she got mad.

    The sexy bombshell that played Keisha in Belly is D’atra’s younger sister.

    Back in the day D’Atra was a fox so im sure Ginuwine hit.

  • Ttrini


  • Robin Thicke Bell

    D’atra so annoying and ugly and nasty looking as fuck I know genuwine did not fuck her nasty shit starting ass I don’t like her at all please kick her off the show

  • Robin S Argueta

    I don’t even wear makeup but I know they are wearing the wrong color for their faces and not blending.

  • Robin S Argueta

    Her Daddy needs to check her before somebody decides to leave the play. I noticed they didn’t have anything to say when Ginuwine was “acting”

  • Robin S Argueta

    Yes I was like huh?? lls Every time he is with someone she runs up on him. Poor Ginuwine

  • Supreme

    his daughters are tew much…seriously i understand your position but you still need to respect everyone and talk to everyone with tact. pipe it down hoes

  • Supreme

    The discoloration of these chicks face and necks with these chokers on is just killing me lol

  • Sharelle Thompson

    These chicks said work out and they went creeping down the street in full workout gear shuffling down the street like they got walkers with them… I can’t. 💀

  • Sharelle Thompson

    I think so too. They way she talk about JD it seems like a bit more going on between them that or she know something about him.

  • EffU

    @[email protected]:disqus Hell no it wasnt. But Im waiting on part 2 of RHOA and M2M is over, not a LHH fan so I have nothing else to watch lol This show is as terrible as the acting. I cant believe Bravo picked this up.

  • EffU

    I despise any woman who not only sleeps with married men but proudly proclaim it. Thats why her ass is at the bottom of the barrel. Marriage is Gods territory and when u mess with that He will punish you. SN: Anybody catch how Ginuwine low key called her annoying by just saying, “I dont wanna call her annoying”. Ctfu

  • EffU

    This show is super terrible. Just awful…the amount of acting going on in this “reality” show is sickening. D’atra is sooooo fckn annoying. Shes trying way too hard to become the breakout star of this stupid show. She not even funny. Everything she says to be funny is so dry. And I absolutely dont believe she bagged Ginuwine.

  • D’Atra puts the ‘d’ in delusional and ol girl needs to take a good look in the mirror and simply stop. I’ve never seen an individual with such a desperate need to make everything about themselves – whether it’s 2 ppl consoling another person or 2 ppl kissing. …In what universe would Tondy and Ginuwine want to have a threesome with her?

    And I don’t believe for a nanosecond that Ginuwine had sex with her – evah – and Jermaine had my stomach muscles hurting hurt from laughing at him rocking and humming.

  • Shoot N Ladder

    That daughter need to go sit down this the second time you made a fool of yourself. Why you so mad at the Australian girl. Your very unprofessional and disrespectful to walk up to someone at your dads events who you so love and protect and start some shit. Frick and Frak go sit down. Ginuwine the only thing wrong is your inability to concentrate learn and do what adults have to do… You wanna chase p ussy still and then blame Deatra and Blondie… I think its crazy how bothered y’all are with Deatra and she ain’t thinkin bout Y’all…

  • QBee

    D’atra cock blocking like a motherfucker…three’s a crowd girl…was that a big ass possum or raccoon sneaking into the house via some ladders… fear at all.

  • Miss Lady

    Them daughters…..hmmmm Idk

  • COCO 🌶

    What’s this show about?

  • Ttrini

    Any one else feels like JD and the Australian girl had something going on n the daughters found out?

  • Ttrini

    I enjoy it lol

  • shasyl

    Lol but is this show worth watching

  • R C

    First 🤗