• EffU

    She DOES look sad…maybe thats where the pettiness is coming from. Or maybe shes jealous bc that baby has more than shes ever had just as an adult. That baby is well taken care of and well loved by both parents as well as grandparents, her parents are rich and famous…its sad to hate on anyone but its just downright pathetic to hate on a baby.

  • EffU

    AWww that is just mean…and sad on your behalf. U have to be one miserable person to say that about an adorable baby who is just doing what ALL babies do so if u have babies or nieces and nephews that age, then it would only stand to reason tht theyre annoying too as theres nothing that Junies done that all babies havent. How sad for the babies that r related to you.

  • EffU

    Beautiful comment. #BlackLove4Ever

  • R C


  • Shaquanda Keys

    I feel motivated and inspired to be a better version of self after watching them 2 well 3 hahaha. I’m celebrating the black love and praying over the sanctity and union of their marriage.

  • Faith

    These are just two people who you can’t help but to cheer for..

  • Kayla Majors

    I am soooooo in love with their relationship. #relationshipGOALSFORSURE !

  • Kin

    Yes I love them also very nice family.

  • Reeree

    I love them!!

  • Jasmine Nicole

    Haters are just secret fans lol

  • fancey

    I love that they both have so much going on. They both bring something to the table. love these two

  • Tiana Lee

    I just love her she so perfect this is only couple and family celebrities I can say #GOALS to

  • Tiana Lee

    You’re annoying how bout that.

  • Robin Thicke Bell

    I love them I love the show teanna is beautiful I love they relationship I wish the show was longer

  • marquisha

    how about a one hour show…what is the 21 mins crap, we need more PATUNYA!

  • marquisha

    14th ☺

  • Sheniel Dixon

    That’s just ridiculous… she’s a baby

  • Sheniel Dixon


  • Shannon Lievers

    Love their chemistry together, but girl stop that sex talk lmao…its a family programm Ur nah

  • Love Johnson

    Giving me the 80’s Whitney Houston (RIP) Vibe with the VMAs hairstyle ❤️❤️❤️Beautiful and beautiful family! Congrats Teyana

  • Fluffy Mcfarlane

    She still watching tho… She is sad.
    . Might as well be a fan.

  • Emma-Louise Helena

    Freedom of speech is cool and everything but choosing to hate on a baby, that shits just bizzare

  • Josie da Goddess

    Reminds me of when my hubbie and I were their age…in love and had so much fun together. We still do.
    But it’s nothing like that young new love…

  • Pebbles

    I like them

  • I love their relationship! Junie is so cute!

  • Trice

    Freedom of speech or maybe trolling ..lol it worked 🤔

  • shasyl

    WTF is wrong with you, sad looking ass how dear you call a baby annoying.FOH

  • Brittany Mclarty

    We need longer episodes omg the 20 minutes be going by fast

  • Yukiya Wells

    They’re annoying .. including Junie 😒🤗

  • Miss Lady

    They so cute together

  • daniella

    That 20mins be going quick tho

  • Jeje Coko


  • Kimberly Haynes-Belk

    I love them. Teyana is so damn funny. And Junie is so cute. They are another true definition of Black Love. I like it.

  • Ttrini

    2nd! 😂😂😂

  • R C