• It’s ghetto and I don’t give a fuck what you think about my opinion. …Oh, and, check the dates and cease responding to month-old shit where -zero fucks are given.

  • Crystal Barker

    did u wash and condition is good right after of did u let it sit?

  • Crystal Barker

    let ppl tell it she likes grils and he is her beard….

  • Crystal Barker

    what happen to you. who did it……u want to talk about it.

  • Crystal Barker


  • Crystal Barker

    not knowing how to swim is not ghetto. ur “opinion” is judgmental and u sound ignorant.

  • Chloe Jolie

    Right!??? And since when is not swimming ghetto???? She’s from the city damn

  • Chloe Jolie

    She’s Harlem. She’s a tomboy. She is gorgeous. Love this show

  • SirFuckYurBitch

    But she’s married & you’re probably single lol it’s ok if you think about females from time to time.

  • AtlantaTasha

    Shut the fuck up. I prefer men… unlike Teyana.

  • SirFuckYurBitch

    Well considering how you keep focusing on her love life under numerous comments it is my humble opinion that you want her. Why else would you be so interested in her sexual orientation…just an observation. Have a wonderful evening.

  • Tahj Jameson

    Why tf she gotta be a lesbian? Because she’s a tomboy? It’s androgynous. She had the capability to be both masculine and feminine all while being attractive. Women need to stop putting their beauty standards on other women. Y’all see a woman secure with herself and try to label her a lesbian. Grow tf up.

    SN: I love the show. Teyana is funny and obnoxious, Iman is really chill and loves how obnoxious she is, and Junie is just so damn cute.

  • Ebony Da’shay


  • Tshepi Mokgautsi

    Junie is so cute my new fav reality show

  • blah blah blah blah

  • AtlantaTasha

    Why would I want to date her? Because I said she’s gay??? Oh please with your dumb logic.

  • PAB

    This show makes me smile so hard! OMG

  • SirFuckYurBitch

    Must suck to be that miserable. You’ll find somebody one day.

  • SirFuckYurBitch

    You must want to date her since you’re so stuck on her sexuality. Most females from up north are rough like that it doesn’t mean she wants pussy.

  • Tabby


  • Jaye Taylor

    Some of the mfs in these comments are irritating asf all ya wanna see is negative light on black people and the thing that’s crazy is it’s other BLACK PEOPLE talking shit too smh damn anyway I LOVE the show Teyana and Iman have a beautiful family

  • Jaye Taylor

    FIRST OF ALL why come watch a show that’s actually shedding a positive light on Black love (unlike unfortunately scripted ass shows like love and hip hop or black ink) just to basically say something comepletely damn negative like it clearly sounds like you’ve been spending your 2018 trolling like shit SECOND OF ALL who gives a damn how long they’ve been married why try to basically wish bad on them by saying “imma give it a good 5 years before labeling them as relationship goals” I don’t see any comments stating that they were relationship goals to begin w 😭👌🏾😂 and THIRD OF ALL the next time you wanna make racial statements like “typical & ghetto” maybe you should stfu and think before you speak because last I checked depending on your borough NY doesn’t give many options for swimming for one and for two why would not wanting to fuckin swim make them typical and ghetto? Girl grow up

  • Maggie Leng


  • Reina1718

    Will do! 🏊🏼‍♀️

  • Aside from his arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana and possession, I’m digging that Iman keeps his father close (as cook, dietician) as Teyana keeps her mom.

    These are newlyweds that’s been married under 2 years (not that long ago), so I’mma give it a good 5 years before desperately labeling them as relationship goals.

  • YouSoundDumb

    LOL. No… Imjusbeinhoness

  • Cap

    Lol you’ll be fine! Try again and tell me how it goes next time

  • Reina1718

    Lol i will try again i jus get this weird feelin if my feet not touchin the ground 😩😩

  • Reina1718

    I will try again this summer 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • TONI


  • Meg Fleckney

    Iman killed me with that” yasssss hunty ” LMAO.

  • Robin Thicke Bell

    I love the show and I love teyana her and her husband have a good relationship and teyana is a tumboy she have said it.. And most of these new York woman talk like dudes to me anyway.. So don’t just pick her out the bunch

  • AtlantaTasha

    Absolutely!!! It’s clear she’s been a lesbian since her “my sweet 16” on MTV.

  • AtlantaTasha

    Cause she’s a lesbian! Lol

  • AtlantaTasha

    Teyana is that you???🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cap

    It ruined it 😩 every time I thought my swim cap was secure I would take it off and here comes this gush of water coming out. My hair got so damaged

  • YouSoundDumb


  • YouSoundDumb

    Nah..Most people will judge you lol. But everyone knows that learning how to swim is more important than looking cool. Just do it.

    Don’t pay for lessons until you are willing to go to the pool on your own and be comfortable in the water. Just go to the pool and practice holding your breath while holding on the side of the pool in the shallow end. Lay in the sun when you get bored and then get back in the water again. When you’re finally comfortable holding your breath under water for 30 seconds or whatever, then pay for lessons.

  • YouSoundDumb

    You’s a ignant ass bitch

  • YouSoundDumb

    I actually just watched her interview with the Breakfast club. She addressed the rumors….as lies. lol

  • TJ Kin

    Girl that chlorine was fcking up my hair too! I had to stop lol.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    How old is Junie she’s such a smart cutie love her little personaility 😍

  • MeMyself&I

    That Juney is the bees knees! That lil girl is frickin everything!! I seeya Petunia!!

  • Carsha Lei

    baby he BEEEEN cheating and got blasted before AND after marriage. Where you been!

  • Cap

    Girl no lol my mom took swimming lessons at 44 years old with my aunt. No one is judging you everyone’s there to learn lol

  • Reina1718

    No one will judge me??🤔🤔

  • Tiana Lee

    Patunya 😂😂😂😂 lmao I just love her plus we have same name but they are like the best celebrity couple at least they don’t fake it for tv . And Junie be cock blocking lmao

  • AtlantaTasha

    I miss just waiting on Teyana lil dyke self to come out the closet.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Yasmeen Brown

    Girl bye

  • Cap

    Get a floatie! That’s what beginners use and you can get arm bands if you need to lol. No one will judge you

  • God’s Promise.


  • Reina1718

    I feel helpless lol i feel like there is nothing i can grab on 😩😩

  • Cap

    😭 why?! Once you get over the fear it’s fun! The thing that used to scare me was going under the water and seeing how deep it was (once you moved up to level 5, you moved to the other pool which was the deep one) and they would make you do summe saults under the water and the water would get in my nose

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    This show is trash. He’ll be cheating within the next couple of years just wait for it

  • MelaninGoddess

    Wow she sure wears ALOT of makeup…🙈 yet still act like a man. Chile cheese

  • Well$$Well$$😇

    I like this show. As a couple they’re hilarious and it’s cool to see a couple on reality tv whose relationship isn’t dysfunctional.

  • Reina1718

    Me too lol

  • Reina1718

    I took lessons too!! 2yrs!! Nvr learned 😩😩 too scared!

  • Reina1718

    😍😍😍 love the show, love Junie!!!

  • MayaDivine

    i love this show. they make me laugh out loud so much.

  • Viceee

    yooooo they are funny af !!! Lmao I really crack up.

  • J Neka Js

    I love them

  • Cap

    I want this love 😞 and I think more black people need to learn how to swim lol. I was in lessons for about 3 years in elementary school before I quit because the chlorine messed with my hair and would get in my cap, and I was tired of it. Last time I went swimming was last year when I taught my ex/baby daddy during spring break lmao

  • Bam Kools

    Spelled episode wrong

  • marquisha

    my mama always told me I should’ve been a fish cause I love being in water….oceans, lakes, pools idc I’m swimming in it. I remember my cousin and I went swimming in the street one time, it was raining hard all week in Texas and the streets was flooding like literally 2 feet, and we went swimming 😂😂😂 gosh we were weird lol.

  • mikster

    Let me know lol

  • Sheniel Dixon

    Junie is fuckin adorable 😍😍😍… especially when she says Junie Schumper

  • marquisha

    this is the funniest reality show ever!! man really they have the best show, i love every episode

  • TJ Kin

    Junie is so cute! My parents put me in swim lessons for years and I still can’t swim lmao.

  • Ms jai

    Doo-rag lmmfao Ctfu haven’t heard that word in a min n u right leave them babies in retirement

  • Bittersweet Vengeance

    I love this show already! I love their family dynamic especially when they be talking about Junie! She’s so cute! The sex talks are so funny, love it! Teyana’s so gangsta, Iman’s mellows her out. They’re so beautiful together! Sorry but the doo-rag needs to go, they don’t need to come out anymore!

  • Ttrini

    Sigh lol ok im gonna give this another try….

  • R C