BLAZIN VIDEO: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lovely Mimi gets a makeover and drop off her new rap video for ‘Gottem Mad’

Lovely Mimi isn’t ready to throw in the towel on her rap career just yet following the mixed response that her lead single received, and with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta remaining on ice for a few more months, she’s ready to put the extra down time to good use and take another stab at getting her music career off of the ground by crafting a fresh visual for her new track “Gottem Mad”. Peep it out.

  • Ebunosun

    all these love and hip hop alleged female rappers use the same words..drop the same labels…same vocabulary..invest in a thesaurus, there are other words in the english language boo……..smh…all they songs sound the same except for the beats…same content, adjectives, and verbs in their songs…..smh….. #notalent… everybody got everybody mad..everybody hating on everybody, everybody got labels..everybody got stacks…but everybody got rented ferraris and lambos in their videos……just STOP!!!

  • QBee

    I instantly thought Mimi Faust…and thinking I didn’t know she rapped…I forgot all about this one.

  • mocha brown

    No bitch not MAD more like CONFUSED! Like how you gonna act all proper talking about where you came from and your family and then change it up!? Ughh just stop ✋I hate fake shit! And like choose another fake accent because this one is annoying as fuck.. Loco Mimi try comedy because I laugh every time I see you. Obviously you trying wayyy too hard boo💋

  • mocha brown

    Thankkkkk youuuuu👏👏👏

  • Malia

    That outfit, prob no budget., and shot it Gorilla Style

  • Malia

    Better than hazel E

  • Yanny


  • gdubois

    I like it!!! She should’ve featured Cardi B though

  • Thalia

    Mimi is beautiful …

  • Inipow

    And the Lipo, new boobs and butt shots .

  • Mizz-O

    I like Mimi…but can people stop using the word “visual” Beyonce’s Lemonade is a visual…this is not…Mimi stop, kudos for trying though.

  • Kay

    Cardi B has made every reality show chick think they can rap. Oh dear Jesus!

  • A lost Sheep

    HELL NO! Tht song is TRASH, as soon as UNLovely MiMi chimes in! She needed tht makeover, where was she lovely at? She is cute now, but we gonna put tht lovely on death row fk it!

  • MChantye

    Aint nobody checking for this fake-wish-she-was-black- thottie, unLovelyMiMi, sha-bye

  • Dreamfirstladiboo

    Da beat sick! Ok gurl i like her flavor cause im a diva loving da hair nails and all go bitch!! They madddd hahahaha!!!

  • EducatedRatchet

    Bitttttcccchhh..NO ..I blame BM for these other hoes constant shenanigans…

  • Lauren

    Oh so I guess Cardi is the only reality star that’s allowed to rap now huh. Yall some haters

  • Scarlette

    LMAO Im sayin

  • Scarlette

    Did she just say that she looks like the Asian Fantasia??? lmao..Listen, I wouldn’t invite her to the cookout just yet, she still gives me cultural appropriation tease, especially after just seeing her standing up there talking in a normal way about how she grew up. Cut out the act Mimi and then maybe you can come do the electric slide with us in the Spring

  • 😑

  • Ttrini

    Thank God she changed her hair….she still looks…ummmm….anyways but yeah I’m here for the regular tone color

  • Tamara Chase

    i like the girl’s voice who was singing….mimi’s not so much.

  • Killenem

    She looks like Deelishis

  • Shera Latoya

    Ugh that was lame. At least you could’ve gotten the other chick some bling to rock. She looked homeless.

  • Buzzz

    At least she’s gorgeous with the short black hair, she finally looks decent.

  • Nita


  • April_Moon

    Cardi still got these hoes thinking that they can rap huh? I love you Mimi but ummmmmmm nah

  • Ashley True

    Yeah its a NO for me ! Just keep doing nails boo.

  • Talone