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    Oh my God I cant deal with these white rappers smh Just like Iggy Azalea u sound nothing like the way u “rap”. Bye girl…Gtfoh

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    My God! I am so sorry to hear that but so happy to see the word “attempted”. Im glad it opened your mothers eyes and Im glad your sis is still on this earth. My prayers to u all <3

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    That part had me so mad. U can be as spiritual as u want but to ignore depression or to think that its something you can control by not speaking its name is sooo dangerous esp when its about your young child. That sooo selfish jst c u dont wanna deal with it or dont want it to be true. I really dont like that woman anymore. This reality show was the downfall of her career and then she sealed the deal with not only supporting Trump but vocally supporting him. Her daughter cld very well be suffering from depression and parents r usu the first and best ppl to spot it bc we know our children. I was 7 years old and battling depression and I didnt have a rich mommy, daddy, uncle n auntie in my corner. I hope to God that Teddy was steadfast abt sticking to his instincts and taking action since mammy is too proud and controlling to have a depressed daughter.

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    Erica is 100% correct in saying that if it were Tina and Teddy’s anniversary she would stay right in LA and celebrate with her hubby on that day and nobody wld be abel to tell her anything. She says yes to ONE thing and expects ppl to fall all over her. Thats indicative of how self centered she is. Its like, ‘ Yes Ive been selfish throughout out entire career, I have held the grp back MANY times bc of my feelings and my family but now I am saying ‘yes’ and I want everyone to appreciate it and pat me on the back for it’. Nah Tina….u gets ZERO points for this and if u ask me, u are completely ungrateful and you shldb been replaced back when Warryn suggested it bc u dont deserve that spot. Erica deserves someone with the same goals, energy, and RESPECT that she possesses.

  • futuresomething

    A messTina running around tending to all of the children and she said Teddy isn’t doing all of that. Then wth are you married for? Seriously, why do so many wives raise their children like single moms when they have a man right there?! Also, depression is not something that you can speak into existence. It is a chemical imbalance.

  • futuresomething

    Drunk and sleepy.

  • Jade Campbell

    He’s always been cute 😊

  • Jade Campbell

    Exactly when it comes to diet, weight loss and exercise programs you have to do it in a way that works out best for you. Everyone’s health is different so what may work for some may not work for others.

  • Jade Campbell

    Yup this is so very true. Sadly some people just don’t understand this.

  • Jade Campbell

    That’s not the lazy way out. Sometimes when you lose weight especially a lot of weight you have a lot of excess skin left over. No matter how much you work out and strength training sometimes that’s key and just never goes away. And I know this for a fact because I lost over 100 pounds. Plus I eat extremely healthy prior to the weight loss and afterwards. The bottom line is sometimes you need a little extra push. I think the Goo Goo is making a decision that’s best for her.

  • Alloverallen

    She wasn’t being lazy. She works out as she said but of course losing weight leaves the extra skin. No working out in the world can get rid of that.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    I can’t watch this show. From I saw they both need Jesus more than they sing about having him.. I realised they are a bit of a gimmick. .

  • Shanyce’ Holmes

    Hahahahahahha 😩🤣

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    Okay so y’all just gone act like y’all don’t see googoo hair in them confessions. Why is that crunchy bird on her head. She knew that wasn’t cute.

  • La’Joya B.

    “I wrote the song Ike, of course i can remember the words” LOL Cmon Tina.

  • Vash

    Really, now people can’t choose the way they lose weight. You have no idea what kind of health issues she may have. Maybe her doctor thought that was the best route.

  • Regina

    I agree!!!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Wow so Goo is going to take the lazy way out with surgery huh? smh sad. Just get your ass in the gym and cut back on the bad food and you’ll be good in 6 months, stop letting these surgeons cut up your bodies

  • Courtney Wheeler

    how the hell she gonna blame erica when she is the one whole threw in a whole new show on a whole nother continent. tina kills me

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  • Sunshinegirl

    You’re definitely drunk, sleepy, drugged, and half blind, LMAO! I like Warren though.

  • damonika16

    Turn up the encouragement and turn down the criticism. Tina needs to take it down several notches. Teddy was absolutely right. You don’t know what kids are going through in their own heads. 7 and 8 year olds are committing suicide nowadays, Tina’s rant scared me lol I couldn’t imagine my mom coming at me like that over a D.

  • Sunshinegirl

    Tina gets on my last nerve. I don’t want to call her the b word, but damn. She needs to mellow out.

  • T Hale

    LOL! I agree!!

  • Long Locs

    The Mary’s each do things that sabotage their working relationship. Tina adds fuel to every fire and Erica’s manipulative. Warren is selfish and only good with making music. I’m glad it’s the last season because I’m losing the interest that I once had to see them win. What’s it all for?

  • Buzzz

    Drunk and sleepy.
    Definitely. But he’s a cool person so I guess that helps.

  • Myemaildied

    When did warryn (or however u spell his name) get kinda cute? Or am I drunk and sleepy right now……