WATCH: Tommie Lee and her mother tries to sort out their anger issues on ‘The Doctors’ talk show

Though the curtains closed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta a few months ago, the emotional battle between Tommie Lee and her mother that unfolded throughout Season 6 is still brewing off-screen as the two continue to work towards finding some type of resolve in their ongoing feud. Watch as they try to sort through the madness during their recent stop at ‘The Doctors’.

  • Mz DiDi

    Thank you so much. Let’s keep holding her up in prayer.

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Hands down best comment. You took the words right out of my head. she just needs to find her peace. I really like Tommy cuz she’s genuine so I’m rooting for her

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Exactly. She needs to stick to pulling babies out. she ain’t no psychotherapist. Like da fuck?LMAO

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    I’m glad you brought that to my attention I was trying to figure out what sign she was. Cuz she acts like a Leo. LMFAO

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    I don’t think you’ll have any problems from her kids because she actually shows them love unconditionally

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Sis I feel you and I’ve been there. then God took the best thing from me. My grandmother. It was a wake-up call. So I had to ask for forgiveness. don’t put nothing negative out into the universe it will come back to bite you… Blessings

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Tommy is very very very intelligent. I applaud her for the way she handled that OBGYN doctor. That was the proverbial F.U. That’s how you fight with words. LMAO

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    She didn’t have a choice thou. Survival of the fittest. until she gets that unconditional love that’s what she’s going to keep doing. That’s a coping mechanism…

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    That was propaganda…smh

  • aisha lockett

    I didn’t like the black doctor..she was not therapeutic at all

  • Ree_RN

    People lie about being abused all the time! Some people use it as an excuse for bad behavior, some ppl use it to gain sympathy, some ppl get on tv and use it as a storyline! I’m sorry that I’m such a cynic and don’t believe anything out of the mouth of a reality star but they are all paid liars.


    Tommies mom apologized on lhh, I dont think that was the issue. I think Tommie just needs her mother to be a mother like she said. She and her siblings need to be able to look up to her and go to her for sound advice. They need a mom. So I hope they can move fwd now that that’s clear. Good luck to them

  • tee

    Not trying to be funny but tommie treats everything like a hustle. She is not serious about repairing her and her moms relationship. She’s an actress trying to keep herself relevant on tv for money. I couldn’t sit there and let my mom cry like that period.

  • Shakera Shakera

    This was not good enough, they need Iyalna fix my life. I do not feel like the issues were resolved. I hope Iyalna reaches out to them to bring them on her show. I totally know how Tommie feels, I am proud of her for trying, but it’s hard to forgive someone who isn’t sincerely sorry and doesn’t admit their wrongs.

  • Dee Cade

    Despite the things we go through, behavior is always a choice. The saying is that “hurt people hurt people” but that is for the people that lack the self control fueled by their emotions. Nobody is going to accept out of control behavior, that’s delusional thinking. People that can mature and manage their emotions despite past pain and tribulations can channel it to do greater things and become the person they wish those people were to them. Tommie would do better to focus on her duties as a mom and being the best mother and example she can for them. With time she may get it in other areas. Her mother is like many mothers in the community. They don’t take accountability for the turmoil they have caused. She wants to put the issue in the past without having to acknowledge her part in that. This issue with her makeup though is nitpicking. Individual therapy for Tommie would probably be better served.

  • Consuela Martinez

    Happy Tommie stood her ground with the black doctor OBGYN (why she talking about therapy and make up artists?, anyway…)who made it about some make up artist. And I’m happy she articulated herself well when they condescendingly asked her if she knew what entitled meant. She said ” I have standards for myself that won’t change for anybody…” That’s right. It seemed like they tried to trigger her anger on air, on purpose. Glad she didn’t play into that. Overall, Tommie shouldn’t have wasted her time

  • Sidney Bell

    Yessssss I caught that too.
    The black lady of all people, I hate that we tend to do that. She’s there to get help and this chick talking about make up like whaaaat so off topic

  • mocha brown

    Man fuck the mom! If you let a man touch me and stay I will never forgive you! I will laugh at you funeral and piss on your grave!

  • mocha brown


  • mocha brown

    Girl you should be the counselor!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • mocha brown

    Its the jail time I think. It changed her. My cousin went to juvenile and came out emotionless and hard.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    You’re an idiot.. who basically explained shit I relate to everyday πŸ˜‚ I ain’t got time to keep failing in the name of parents mistakes.. I have children of my own now.. You be the dickhead enit!

  • Adrianee P

    She really plumped up those lips..

  • Trice

    tommie is an emotionless sack of ___! when her daughters reach an age and give her what she has given her mom she’ll understand. We as parents NEVER get it right, its trial and error. and who knows what tommies moms childhood was like. those inherited characteristics are hard to break. Obviously shes realizing her error, and its not just from this year! she has realized for some time now that she isn’t right. Tommie is not being empathetic and it looks as if her sincerity is forced or staged. I dont believe it.

  • SeannaPaula

    @Verbal-Leigh/herbal tea, dont even kno where 2 start wit this bitch, wen the people who r suppose to show u love as a child, mistreats u, as an adult it fucks wit ur self esteem, trust, self worth, confidence, it turns ur world upside down leaves internal scars an affect all aspect of future relationships, so f-u and your man up cliche, go fall asleep n dont bother wake up

  • Kay

    Thanks girl, yeah it can be hard like I hate hearing about someone whose been raped or abused, I find sexual abuse the most terrible thing on the planet but it’s rewarding helping people and giving them hope.

  • Kay

    People scam people of money and the such Ree, child abuse isn’t glamorous or something someone would lie about to gain popularity; it carries shame and guilt and she’s not even the one who said it about being touched, her mom did and you could tell that Tommie got super uncomfortable and did something we call “disassociation” in psychology, where she pretty much shut down and withdrew within herself after it was said. You don’t fake that. Also, substance abuse isn’t even something you can say “oh, just stop drinking..” People with substance abuse problems don’t just wake up and say “hmm, I feel like being an alcoholic or drug addict today and ruining my entire life.” People do have sympathy for Tommie, she’s the fan fave for a reason. These doctors were just being messy and extra.

  • Erica Lilly

    Even after this I respect tommie so much more bein a Gemini when we get mad no we the crazy ones but nobody acts like they remember the cause of ya reaction. I can tell she was alil shocked that talked about her being touch as a child. Its really sad that in black community people expect you to keep quite about abuse. How do they expect someone that been thru so much to act? Tommie keep getting at ya bag Nd getting all them checks,keep ya relationship with you children happy and full of love.If ppl can’t accept you for you fuckem cause I haven’t met a opinion that paid a bill yet

  • Ree_RN

    My exact comment to another poster on here: With all due respect, you don’t have to go through abuse to act like a complete psycho. Nobody knows what Tommie went through because she’s such a gotdamn liar! Everything we know about her has been fake! Who’s to say she ain’t lying to keep her relevance? It’s been done before. I’m definitely on board with you about ppl who experience abuse and neglect, and the adversity they have to overcome in order to live a regular life. Both of these women are scammers though so who knows what is real! I have no sympathy for either of them because the fact that we are even watching them on tv is part of the scam they used to become popular. So yes, Tommie and Samantha need to stop boozing and scamming ppl and then MAYBE ppl will have some sympathy for them.

  • Ree_RN

    With all due respect, you don’t have to go through abuse to act like a complete psycho. Nobody knows what Tommie went through because she’s such a gotdamn liar! Everything we know about her has been fake! Who’s to say she ain’t lying to keep her relevance? It’s been done before. I’m definitely on board with you about ppl who experience abuse and neglect, and the adversity they have to overcome in order to live a regular life. Both of these women are scammers though so who knows what is real! I have no sympathy for either of them because the fact that we are even watching them on tv is part of the scam they used to become popular. So yes, Tommie and Samantha need to stop boozing and scamming ppl and then MAYBE ppl will have some sympathy for them.

  • Ree_RN

    Tommie’s mother is never gonna take responsibility for herself or her actions. She’s an alcoholic and still very much in her disease, clearly, so she will never be who Tommie wants her to be and Tommie needs to be ok with that. Tommie is the same way. The same way she was back behind the stage acting like a diva over her make up, she wants ppl to accept that about her and she’s not gonna change that. Anyway, this shit was irrelevant. Both of these broads are scammers and alcoholics and until they fix those problems, I don’t see it for them. Sorry not sorry

  • Nikke0208

    Those ignorant doctors were more concerned about her relationship with the make up artists than they were about her relationship with her mother. She really wasted her time doing this bum ass show.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Um. I’m a bit confused as to what you’re implying. All money ain’t good money homie. I don’t know if your mother or father taught you that but I’m here to tell you from experience. Idgaf if Oprah gave me a million to do a show. If it’s not depicting me in the right light. It’s a wrap. That’s the problem with society today. We forget all morals when it comes to money

  • Brandy Hills

    Exactly! This comment bothered me…πŸ˜’

  • Mz DiDi

    Thank you Kay for what you do. It takes a heart of love and compassion to do what you do.

  • Kay

    It’s super ignorant what she said girl, like I’m a psychologist and most people I see with mental problems have experienced some form of abuse or trauma in their childhood or adolescence, and that trauma and abuse haunts them for LIFE and triggers a variety of problems like depression and anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, promiscuity, etc etc. Therapy and medication can help, but the scars and ramifications of what they’ve been through are always there. You can’t tell someone to “just get over it.” Tf?! 😱

  • Shante’ Kaneisha

    i feel like this was a waste of tommie and samantha’s time

  • Mz DiDi

    My heart aches for this baby. Tommie you were created for a purpose. And in spite of all the hurt and pain you’re enduring please know that once you rid yourself of all the toxicity from blood and non-blood related folk, the peace and bliss will come. God has something GREAT IN STORE FOR YOU…JUST TRUST HIM. Many are called few are chosen and what that mean is, the Church is called, but the Elite in Christ are the chosen ones. You are special baby and so many of us on this feed love you and can understand your journey. Stay the course and never give up.

  • Mz DiDi

    AGREED 1000000000000%. She too (BlackGirlLost) will have something to endure in this life and I hope she can “JUST GET OVER IT”! Keep on living. Keep on waking up @BlackGirlLost and you will see…

  • Mz DiDi

    I agree. Your childhood molds you. Yes, we all have things but as you stated if the basic things were not present as a child, then it makes it difficult to overcome in your adult life. I can relate to Tommie on multiple levels minus the molestation. She’s a strong young woman and in time with counseling and prayer she’ll grow better. Her mother reminds me of the lady that gave birth to me…it was never HER fault and forget about her owning her ish.

  • TiffanySpeaksHBCU

    People really need to stop letting their past control their future. It comes a point that you have to move on. To hold on so much animosity towards you own mother must be draining, it’s detrimental to herself and don’t hurt anyone but herself. Bottom line is…. grow up

  • Realbihhfirst

    Tommy is so tough! Gosh that’s one of the traits I hate about being a Gemini. We hold all of our real emotions inside for so long until we just blow up. Tommy is really hurt, and it’s going to be hard for her to let some of the things that happened in the past go.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    I get what you mean there comes a point where you need to own your own shit.. But when part of the problem is still part of your life… Showing very little growth.. Wtf do you want from someone.. shoosh!

  • Laneece

    Well if there was bias then it must’ve been in her favor since she ended up being the break out star of the show for being unstable. Can’t blame the producers for your failures yet still credit the show for your success. She wouldn’t have even booked this talk show if it wasn’t for how her story was portrayed by the producers of the show so obviously they did something right with it.

  • KLondon

    What happens in your childhood defines you as a person, when you go without the basics of food, love, a clean/ organised home and responsible parents it can deeply effect your adulthood which is very hard to overcome. Everyone has a different way of showing their pain. Never judge

  • Kay

    Any mom that would let a man who molested you stay and not pour hot grits over him like most moms would, shouldn’t be in your life. Don’t keep toxic people in your life just because they’re “family”. The greatest lesson I learnt as a kid that has saved me from a lot of shxt is being blood relatives doesn’t make you family and doesn’t mean you wish me well. And you don’t need anyone in your life that doesn’t wish you well! Tommie’s mom is toxic and narcissistic as they come. I see through them fake tears πŸ™„.

  • Kay

    Nah, you don’t even have to go through it like this commenter is rude af. So children who have been raped and abused etc etc should just “get over it” when they’re adults?! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ she’s definitely a black girl lost. There’s truth in a name.

  • Kay

    You sound super unsympathetic and like a total bitch. She was molested as a child and her mom let that guy stay and she’s supposed to just get over that? FOH. People with your mindset are what’s wrong with the world honestly. Please don’t have kids. You might abuse them then expect them to get over it! πŸ™„

  • Alexis_Gloria

    I need her to go to Iyanla as well, there are too many women having these issues, without a clear way of solving them.

  • Kay

    Ikr, especially if her mom let a man who molested her stay like tf?! It would be damn near impossible to get through that kind of betrayal and hurt!

  • Kay

    Fr! Them doctors were being hella messy! I bet you if it was a white guest who didn’t like their makeup they wouldn’t even take any notice, but cause she’s a black woman, then she’s being entitled and difficult πŸ™„

  • Kay

    Thank you! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ if you ain’t walked a mile in someone’s shoes, you cant tell them how to deal with the journey they went through, whether you’re a doctor or not. Tommie has been through hell, she has every right to feel the way she does toward her mother. And did you notice how the female doctors started to gang up on her?! Who gives a fxck about her not liking her makeup?! That has nothing to do with being touched as a child and your mom letting your child molester stay!

  • Kay

    So true! And Iyanla will call her out on her shit. She always gets off too easy and Tommie gets made to look like the bad guy!

  • Kay

    I don’t know, Tommies mom comes off super fake to me and like she just puts on a show and starts crying when the camera comes on. And why were the doctors ganging up on Tommie? What’s not liking your makeup got to do with your broken relationship with your mom? πŸ€”

  • Kristal Styles

    I think they should be on iyalana so tommies mom can take some responsibility for the past and they can heal

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    I am truly enjoying this Tommie. Now I believe that the producers of LHHATL are using people’s issues to get a check. They edit the hell out of scenes and make the viewer feel confused and biased towards certain characters. You can clearly tell that her mother is trying to hide some of the things she’s done. Because if Tommie was inaccurate. There wouldn’t be any intervention. I believe Samantha would’ve been pulled her card 100 percent

  • Killenem

    This would have been the perfect Iyanla episode!

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Them patronising bitches on the panel can get these hands easily ~ Tommi🀣

  • Verbal-Leigh

    What the fuck was this. . People don’t get it.. If shit isn’t addressed properly and people can admit exactly where they went wrong while raising you… You ain’t gonna wanna here shit all else but the direct! Shit that she’s been through makes her no nonsense.. She senses patronising very easily. It’s it’s like if you’re an idiot (everybody is to her) I have zero tolerance for you… If the mum let a guy around that touched her, her mum needs to humble her bloodclart about she wants respect.. She’s so dosed and says stupid shit to deflect Tommie can’t take it coz Tommi was there with that bitch living it!

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    ii always say the same.

    you can see something underneath all of that concrete exterior.

    there’s something really deep and genuine there.

    which is probably why ii go up for her incessant loudmouth behaviors so much.

  • Brandy Hills

    If you only knew the half of it. But you have to go through it to understand it though.

  • Eb R. B.

    that would be a good show

  • GetBodied

    i love tommie!!!!!

  • Camden

    Like wtf are they on the Dr’s?? Where’s Iylana, Celebrity Therapy? This just stirs the pot imo.

  • πŸ€”Hmm#?

    Still having hands up for Tommie… not on an anger issue but… guys it takes time to regoncile the situation. Too heavy. I feel it as well as know it.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    These are to sensitive women that had to put on masks to protect their feelings….And once that mask has been on for so long it becomes a part of you….It’s sad but true…..They do need counseling …People think it’s easy to get ova it…It’s not….

  • MsCharlieChan

    Lol! I bet Tommie didn’t want no parts of Iyanla’s show. Because she knows Iyanla would have got totally in her head & ass. All these other psychologists are afraid of Tommie’s tongue and temper and arrest record. Iyanla wouldn’t have given a damn about all that, and would’ve called out her crap too boldly. I think this is why she didn’t go on Iyanla. She’s scared of her, would’ve met her match in hell!

  • BlackGirlLost

    Not to be unsympathetic but..I HATE when grown folks whine and complain about their childhood and shit that has happened to them in the past. Grow up!!!!! Everybody goes through stuff in life. Man up and move on.

  • BlackGirlLost

    Yea people be thinking that these chicks be young but they really be old as hell. Throwback hoes with mommy issues 😭

  • April_Moon

    Ok sooooo how did they end up at this show and not Iyanla? There must’ve been a check involved cause ummmmmm they needed to let Iyanla get in that ass and whip them into shape!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Wow I had no idea that Tommie had 2 daughters. Especially with all of the fighting and throwing drinks that she does on tv. Her kids look old enough to know what they’re looking at and she set a really bad example smh

  • Supreme

    I knew this was going to happen. I was just hoping it was with Iyana.