WATCH: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta songbird Tammy Rivera hits the stage and belts out her first live performance

Fresh on the heels of her debut single ‘All These Kisses’ being welcomed with praise by critics, Tammy Rivera didn’t hesitate to hop in the lab to craft a supporting music video for the well-received track and book her first live performance on the strength of it. With her upcoming EP also now in the pipeline, watch as she stops by Atlanta’s The Beat to heat up the stage.

  • QBee

    These double G belts are everywhere

  • Michele B

    that was painful.

  • Angel Armstrong

    umm NO!!!!

  • TC

    Her voice isn’t horrible, she just needs a little training. This was seriously giving me praise and worship vibes…LOL

  • Lies!
    K Michelle, K Cole, Lyrica, and even jhonni blaze and moniece all have better breath control and can out sing the beautiful Tammy Rivera accapella.

  • pooty

    the second song was better but eh she sounds like any other girl ring to sing out here…. we will see

  • Jalessa Blu Smith

    She can sing but she wasn’t feeling it and THAT is her downfall.. If you have no stage presence but you give your soul to the song then you will be alright. She didn’t give her soul to it. Seemed almost as tho she did not even want to do it. Ike she wasn’t serious 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • MzNeicy

    aayyeeeeee -turns up to second song- Tammy is doing da damn thing

  • What The Hell Ever


  • What The Hell Ever

    All I hear is autotune. The song isn’t THAT bad. Reminds me of a struggling Letoya Luckett

  • AlisaReshea Robinson

    Yall got me afraid 2 hit play

  • Malia

    She has a voice however song Choices will throw all that away what she singing about is kind of garbage I don’t know if she’s writing and she’s on Independent label but if she had somebody else writing and tweaking you know some things for her she can do all right she has a nice voice but I’m sorry boo boo


    Hey in that case i can sing too…Girl she cannot sing, there is NOTHING special, there is no WOW, no goose bumps, her song choices are hideous.. How long are you gonna be nervous for? She’s supposed to warm up and even then i should be able to hear something that sounds worthy of a chart placement. Shes beautiful THATS ALL..

  • Ashante Antenor

    She can, she’s posted an acapella of her singing. She’s just really nervous and I honestly don’t think this is the best song for her voice

  • Realbihhfirst

    Rightttt so right

  • Sheba

    Smdh…The sound engineer needs to get the f’ng sack asap they should have done sound check before the show and that is the worst mic i have ever heard anyone use for a live performance. Tammy has a beautiful voice though. Couldn’t really enjoy the song like i know i would have considering the above…


    She can carry a tune.. She cant sing though..

  • Amy Danielle

    Omgosh get it Tammy! Sometimes they need to know they ain’t the only ones Lol my next post lol

  • Santana

    This 🙌🏾👏🏾

  • Santana

    This is my song it’s in my Spotify playlist I absolutely love it and can’t wait to watch the music video ❤️

  • Kikib_

    So at first I didn’t like the song but now I do and realize it’s her voice that’s sound weird.. I feel like she can sing but sings through her nose which gives off a screeching or congested sound.. As she works with more professional she’ll probably be better

  • Inipow

    The sentence explains why …a hook up for SONG WRITING !!!!

  • Michael Baidoo

    Go and die faggot

  • Thalia


  • She’s average like most “successful”singers out there. She will be fine and I’m almost positive you and all who don’t like now will eventually. This is how it works…lol

  • Miracle Saint James

    Lol my thoughts exactly. Her ol Kermit The Frog sounding ass smh

  • Mattie McKnight

    Work Tammy!!!

  • Renee Jones


  • Reina1718

    Aww i think she did good shes just nervous touching her hair lol… i think she going to do just fine…she looks shy

  • Reina1718


  • Brittani Cook

    Call Candy for what? She can’t sing a lick either.

  • Brittani Cook

    She can’t sing. I’m not sorry either. I tried to like it but it just doesn’t work. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Inipow

    Why is it that when they decide to sing over a track they use the one with you can get on iTunes. Can’t they have the producer run a track with just the background vocals . I like Tammy put all her business, emotional , better have her next baby now because she 4 cheeseburgers , 6 fries, 3 shakes and a half a Apple pie from being fat and the snapback is less real on a older even 2% Latina body. I think she should call Kandi and ask for a hook up in getting in the song writing business. These songs would be big for another artist . Oh well it’s not to late old twig head gonna fuck up again and she gonna have a Lemonade moment , well in her case Lemon drink .

  • Cynthia Watson


  • Bri Truthful

    Kisses was def my shish tho! I be six g that to my bae
    🎶let me cover you in all these kisses🎶

  • Bri Truthful

    LMAO! I said the same shit next time she better wear a fkn head band!

  • Bri Truthful

    She sounded AMAZING just wish she had stop playing with that long ass hair just for a second!

  • OGyungowl

    This slap. Love tammy good music alll the real ones can relate!

  • Britnie Green

    Let me just put my lil two cents n a nickel in but I’ve heard her live n studio and she sounds amazing it’s just her nerves she has already admitted she never took off because she has Crazy Ass stage fright like myself and her voice fe is trimbling she scared to let it go but she got it go Tam I Love yu keep doin those live performances and yu will b a pro n no time she jst gotta get comfortable wit hundreds of ppl looking dead in her face stfu ig yu all are hyper fkn super sonic robots she human y’all smh so sad

  • Prive

    NOT even a ponytail bitch be swinging that [email protected] too! And be messing with it during the whole damn show. 😂 That d amn Tammy!

  • April_Moon

    Im sayin! I’m like girl put that shit in a ponytail and saaaaang! 😒

  • Adrianee P

    The nerve of anyone to come at this. You’re a hater.. some of your favorite artists can’t pull live performances off

  • For real. I know I’m young, but I was raised on real music (where people could actually sing and played instruments) and just don’t care for a lot of the joints coming out.

    Now? True talent doesn’t matter and it’s all about auto-tune and nonsense about being a boss, Birkin bags, f*cking somebody’s man and other thottery (in an outfit showing off a misshappen fake ass).

  • Bad & Bruja

    Ayyyeee Tammy! I think she didn’t do bad at all for her FIRST live performance. Just needs to perfect her vocals. That second song was DOPEsauce.

  • Monica R Gray

    Love Tammy!! She did just fine, it could have been better but she did just enough. She’s a new artist, she’s going to mess up, she’s going to sound a little rocky but hell she ain’t perfect, and she’s learning as she go!!! #TEAMTAMMY

  • JSpendz

    I lovvvvvve this song !! Go Tam

  • Doris G

    Not bad Tammie, she should take some voice lessons to perfect her sound. Her songs are really cool.

  • Supreme

    Ummmm no

  • HonestTruth

    That was like hearing nails scratching a chalkboard 😖

  • Prive

    I felt like going through my screen and slapping her hand away from her hair, like “Tammy STOP IT, PLEASE STOP FUCKING WITH YOUR HAIR DAMMIT! Your on stage singing, do something!”

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Sorry but you used a very shit example right here😂🤦 #ShadyBoots

  • Zarah

    Love Tammy but that tune has a Toni Braxton bad karaoke vibe.

  • Such A Baddie

    Issa no for me dawg.

  • Blackgrl Roc

    i was throwed off by the first one. Did not like it. Then I heard the second and it cought my ear. I like the second song. I think she is very talented. I love her so much. Can’t wait to purchase the cd. Alright nah!!! Congrats and much success!

  • Tempestt D. Brown

    Go Tammy girl!!! Love this song.

  • Lewshá Camille Simboura

    she need voice lessons. she has a nice voice, but she has to work on technique. if she put that work in, she’ll be on top

  • Lesley Perceval

    Really bad sound. Her voice isn’t so bad, but she’s more worried about her appearance than her performance. Shame. Pretty song though.

  • Her voice is shaky, not sure if it’s the nerves or what.

  • YoungFabulous

    it was ok. Have to say way better than those thot thot thot liscious girls. oh yeah at least she not Brittany spears lip syncing.

  • Chantel


  • ZionLive

    Omg the truth! It’s such a shame u have to look a certain way instead what ur voice is really doing smh sad

  • Ree_RN

    I respect anyone with an ounce of talent that can get in front of a crowd of non-talented ppl (both online and in person) and open themselves up to criticism yet continue to push forward!!! I love it! Keep working towards your goals Tammy girl! Use your platform and resources to do what you love! Ppl really must be miserable as hell and can never say anything nice!!! Gotta diss the woman about her outfit, her hair, her body, all things that she’s not up there for and yet they’re probably sitting behind a computer on somebody else’s wifi in some pajamas with stains and holes in em! UGGHHH I hate social media sometimes

  • ImSomebodyToo

    shes wackkaaaaa

  • Lady Imz

    I like Tammy I really do, maybe she needs help with live Performances …..

    That outfit 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ The belt didn’t need to be there, or even change the shoes

    Love the song but performance was not great

  • Nabii Rebekah


  • Scarlette

    Not sure what yall watched but I thought that she did great. She already meets today’s industry standard of being light skin with a big butt, boobs and hair down to her ass like the rest so keep in mind that having actual talent is just a small fraction of what’s required to be a star these days. Rihanna can’t sing for shit and look at how successful she is. Give Tammy her shot.

  • Rokses

    She has the money, time and connections so why not play around but the struggle was real Tammy girl😆


    I like Tammy but…um…I guess it was a decent effort but I’ve really lost respect for the music industry talent. ANYONE can grab a mic these days. Tammy has enough going on with her clothing line and things. She should stick to what works.

  • CocoDevv

    The kisses song w a live band and background singers wil be dope af

  • Cauzin Diem

    Not…here…for…it 😑🤐

  • Buzzz

    I loved the outfit. But you can tell she was really trying.

  • FactsOverOpinions

    she must have a studio voice…stick to modeling….why Deb let her do this tho??? IJS

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    Don’t y’all even start tryna drag my girl Tammy. I won’t be having any of that. Don’t go there. So lets just be real, she sounds better than every chick on love and hip hop that call themselves “singers”.

  • Miracle Saint James

    Ok ima be honest.. She doesn’t seem like she takes her music career seriously. All of that laughing and joking around while singing is distracting from the actual song but…. It was cute for her first show.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    She tried….A for effort….I like Tammie, but, hummm,yeah….I like her….