Mary Mary Season 6 Episode 1 – ‘Mary vs. Mary’

On the Season 6 premiere, Tina and Erica’s solo singles are in direct competition, building tensions and sabotaging Warryn’s desperate plan to bring Mary Mary back together. Meanwhile, a miraculous divine intervention shocks the entire family.

  • EffU

    Girl are u serious?? REally?? So ur just gonna go ahead and do what ignorant white ppl do to us huh?? Ok. Well if what u said was a fact that it cld be proven so wheres your proof that most black womens problem is we have too much mouth, attitude, and all the other lies youve said?? Proof cant be disputed so when u have irrefutable proof then I will concede to what u said. That was just PURE ignorance!!!

  • EffU

    Why do hateful pp feel the need to force their opinions onto other ppl? So ridiculous…that they have this pathetic need to force their beliefs onto others yet always quick to jump on a Christian. Hypocrites.

  • EffU

    Great, respectful, and classy response!

  • Desalyn Jones

    Awww bless your little heart…

  • RavennaBonet

    well she does talk to a imaginary friend like the rest of u

  • RavennaBonet

    naw boo
    Must be the reason you despise slavery, sex slavery , rape/molestation everything your silly book condones … bum ass bitch … don’t pick and choose hoe but all y’all nothing but cherry pickers

  • Sha E.

    I agree! Tina calls herself a Christian but she is more negative, mean and SELFISH than any non believer I have ever seen!!!! God says that the key to true happiness is FORGIVENESS. Tina hasn’t forgiven ANYTHING, EVER it seems!!!! So she makes herself look like a hypocrite and an truly UGLY soul acting the way she does. If you have a loved one in peril, diistress, trouble, would you do anything to help?!!! We all saw Warren have health issues and financial issues last season because he owed Sony another Mary Mary album and STILL she REFUSES to do anything to help. Not God-like AT ALL Tina!!! Watching her is painful and SAD!!! She should be ashamed of herself and her SELF CENTERED behavior!!!

  • Desalyn Jones

    A Christian who agreed with another Christian on a bible issue? You stop liking? It’s the Bible you hAve a problem with not them.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Hey, Prive. I’m late to seeing this episode. I had stop watching because I couldn’t take Tina. I’ve been cheated on and have cheated on my mate. When I forgive I forgive. We all aren’t the same, I know this. But, damn. He may love her, Tina would have me cheating on her. Have to be honest, now maybe she didn’t act this way in the past. I also feel she is a bit jealous of her sister and just need that one hit. But she can’t see she already blessed. OMG. I came back thinking she changed and nope. Not at all. If a person can drain the life out of you while watching them on TV, then just damn. LOL, I so agree with you.

  • Dark che mack

    Tina is late……I stop liking her…when she agreed with kim Burrell gay issues….

  • Cardio32

    Warryn spent that money on Erica’s solo project.

  • Cardio32

    I think the distance kind of did it. He was in Charlotte, NC and she stays in California.

  • Destiny Jones

    You can tell who’ s soul is close to God the most. How can you have a show and do a topic about Forgivness when you havent fully forgiving your husband🤔🤔. Nothing is wrong with that and thats understandable to still be hurt youre human how ever maybe she should have some one else give us advice on that topic.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    We understand that, I still see her as to much. This is the same mess as that I watched some years ago. When she going to change, and after saying what I said, maybe my family felt the same way about me. It can be something to deal with.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    I see why I stop watching Tina is to murch.


    Erica has always been such a beautiful soul. Goo is looking great! Poor Tina just seems miserable and slightly jealous of Erica’s success. It makes no sense for her to be so against another Mary Mary album as if her solo endeavors are just booming. She’s so difficult it’s hard to watch the show sometimes.

  • Pebbles

    Firstly: Teddy can’t dictate how a person should forgive, and what is he talking about he forgave her for how she reacted to finding out he cheated not with one but many women and one was a very close friend ( baby sitter: which is why she will not hire one) What he expected when she found out.

    Secondly: Tina not over the situation, she gonna keep talking about it until she heals and she not healed yet..

    Thirdly: The last woman ( the one he cheated with ) that affair lasted a very very, very, very, long time I don’t believe it was even about the sex, he developed emotional relationship relationship with her. When a man develops an emotional relationship with another woman then it’s a wrap, I don’t think Tina can compete with that because the way Teddy acting like his side piece is back on roll , he don’t care and he over Tina “overacting” self” and he ready to bounce

    Tina needs to get off social media, don’t do anymore tv shows unless she going on Iyanah fix your life

  • Pebbles

    Tina attitude makes her ugly

  • Pebbles

    Is that why people are leaving all these vile messages on page?

  • TattedFanatic

    Everybody keep speaking on Tina’s actions. Did y’all not see the same episode as me?? Clearly it said she had issues in her relationship with her father whereas she wasn’t heard nor seen. So she feels like she has to fight every battle to be seen or heard. People react to things different. Her love , trust , bond etc. was broken when her husband cheated. Heartbreak is tough, very tough and when the world has seen your business it’s hard to get away or let things go. The relationship with her father was hurtful and her relationship with her husband became the same way, so it’s much deeper than people realize. I sympathize with Tina, and I hope she overcome everything that she have been through since day 1.

  • LillyRose89

    It’s crazy to me that nobody is is addressing Tina’s obvious mental illness, she seems like she could be bipolar. Either way she needs to seeking some professional help!!
    The way they talk about her being “overwhelmed” and “tense” and “having demons”, is a classic example of how mental health is often not taken seriously and treated appropriately in our community!

  • damonika16

    It was amazing seeing Erica and Warren on Black Love. Erica has such an amazing spirit. Sheesh, Ms. Tina is sooo over dramatic. Their mom is hilarious. I think Tina should leave her husband, he isn’t the one for her, and she can find true happiness with someone she can trust. Tina’s going trough soooo much, one would think a trip to Israel would be the perfect opportunity to gain some clarity.

  • Kim Wilson

    Tina voted for Trump so now my Feeling done changed for her! I can’t believe she voted for a racists.. Smdh

  • Anela Tea-ana Claiborne

    Its a good show enjoy watching both ladies go through life doing great gospel music and raising there children and families

  • Fran Ces

    If Tina doesnt stop making this about herself & do the dang Mary Mary album, she better. She isnt the 1st and wont be the last wofe to deal with infidelity. Its real selfish of her not to make the final Mary album and when its done she can rid any other Sony obligations. I think she likes telling ppl No.

  • preshtrem

    I thought the same thing about the baby sitter

  • Such A Baddie

    Listen! Lol…👏🏽

  • shell

    Tina is so annoying…this show literally been the same season over and over again….her relationship seems so fake…

  • MyEducatedThoughts

    If Tina thinks that babysitting Teddy by trying to do these projects as a couple is going to keep him from straying again then she’s a fool, it only takes a few minutes of free time for a man to unzip and cheat

    You either forgive and move on, or leave and get on with it. So tired of hearing about his infidelity, i know it happened but Jesus Christ, An Album,A book,A show & Blog, get over it already…How is it helping going over and over it, i was cheated on, Who hasn’t been nowadays , do you drown yourself in it and constantly talk about it or do you get on with life. Some people really know how to bring problems on themselves.

  • Adrianee P

    The most judgemental fans are Christian fans

  • MyOpinion

    You ain’t never lied.

  • Killenem

    True. And even though ppl say Tina sings better, Erica makes better music. That coupled with her being more likable is why shes more successful.

  • Jasmin Woodson

    I’m glad this is the last season. I remember when it first started yes it had it moments of drama, but nothing this dark. Goo hit the nail on the head everybody had their own agenda and that is going to cause a train wreck in the end. I’m tired of hearing about Sony and their money, Tina not wanting to cooperate about a damn thing, Erica and this change of heart and wants to be so Mary Mary when last season she was only focused on the Erica Campbell show. It’s no fun when the rabbit got the gun. Eat it. Tina doesn’t want to be down anymore just like you didn’t when you saw other opportunities presented. And Tina forgive and move on to the repair. Do not keep dwelling on the past and throwing the infidelity in his face or he will leave and you really won’t have anything to worry about. We’ll see how this season ends though.

  • Vee

    That what I’m saying like I feel like she force her herself to forgiving and not taking the break she need to work on herself and they marriage and like women like ourself she still have that trust issues in the back of her heart and mind.

  • Mz DiDi

    Yes, Erica did mention that a couple seasons ago. I agree with everything you said.

  • Mz DiDi

    Or abstinence…

  • Prive

    DAMMIT Tina! Your still on the same isssh, all of them!… Tina sounds crazy talking about Jesus is making her do all this, no baby it seems insecurity and not trusting your husband is making you do the things your doing. She has no chill and yet she needs to chill. And poor Honey doesn’t she look worn out?
    I can’t with Tina and I can’t say I feel sorry for her bc it’s life in the same or different ways we ALL go through things, some worse than cheating. But she is just in a way delusional. Talking about forgiveness, but really hasn’t forgiven anyone.

  • 😂😂😂 That hotepian shit is hilarious. Anyway, it’s spelled Israelites, not Isrealites.

  • Warren could sue Tina also, but I don’t think it’s something he’d ever do.

    This is one of the main problems with mixing family and business.

  • Oh goddess could you imagine having to work with her, or live with her, day in and day out?

  • Eeeeeevery season it’s Tina being selfish as f*ck, combative, bitching about what she’s not gonna do, missing soundcheck, and giving everybody stank attitude after showing up late. Some of those same things were mentioned when they were in ‘counseling’, and it wouldn’t hurt some ppl to step outside themselves, dig deep and honestly answer if they’d wanna be with/date themselves.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up and ensuring your opinion is heard, but there’s a lot wrong with constantly dominating and being the loudest person in the convo. You can’t listen if you’re running your mouth (or thinking of your next comeback), and you can’t solve problems w/o compromise and truly hearing the other side.

    Nothing wrong with pursuing your own dreams, but it’s a lot wrong when concern for how your actions affect those you claim to love (Erica, Warren) is an afterthought (if that), and others are held hostage and have to tiptoe around your disgusting nastiness. Tina’s volatile attitude (and demanding a break) kinda forced Erica to do a solo project, yet Tina turned around and accused Erica of trying to ‘break Mary Mary up’. Now, instead of fulfilling her contract obligations, she’s selfishly pursuing a Tina & Teddy act to babysit her dirty d!ck husband and, trust, Tina will also lose if/when Sony comes for their money.

  • Ttrini

    I don’t understand how the one sister is giving marital advice but her marriage is still in shambles?? She clearly hasn’t forgiven him

  • Jamie

    Warryn says he “forged a relationship with another girl” while his wife was on the road and he was in NY, he says “the girl got pregnant, but didn’t have the baby”.

  • Regina

    Tina, is a straight up crank, plain and simple, she creates her on stresses, and she insecure, hell she has issues”!!! After she stated that she supported Trump, I view her in a different light!!! Tina’s husband is sneaky, and will cheat again, bet that!!!

  • Regina

    I agree!!!

  • Angel

    Wow! Didnt know all that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Such A Baddie

    Yes! It’s also has to be very difficult being single with no children when you’re surrounded by family, friends or both who have those things…she has lost a lot of weight, is keeping herself up and just has to have faith it will happen for her when it’s time, she seems very hurt still.

  • NubianQueen

    The mom had them all shook when she slayed her mothers day dress lol. Tina is going to run her poor mother into the ground with those kids. She’s probably worried that Teddy will run off with the babysitter if she hired one lol.

  • Lacy4u

    Her heart must’ve gotten broken by old boy she was dating last season. She was so ecstatic to have him in her life at that time. So sad when we as women get so excited about a potential mate only to find out he wasn’t ‘ish after putting him up on a pedestal (thinking he was a ‘good man’). smh

  • cocaína.maui.wowie

    So Erica is kinda sexy 🤔 And Tina .. meh… lol

  • Such A Baddie

    Yes, I saw all the episodes and enjoyed the series. I just thought Warryn casually said she lost the baby, not willingly terminated the pregnancy…gotta rewatch it to catch that part again!

  • Such A Baddie

    😭 That’s Tina for ya!

  • Such A Baddie

    Aww, I haven’t always favored goo goo, but she seemed a little sad in the confessional when she said that she’s single, her biological clock is ticking and she has to look great… seems she’s putting a lot of pressure on herself with looks etc.

  • Pebbles

    Black love

  • Such A Baddie

    And abortion! I thought she just loss the baby? How did he word it where you caught that, I’m gonna have to rewatch! Either way, warryn knew he was out there doing wrong and seems to have made it right. Erica also properly forgave him unlike Tina who gonna kill teddy with her not letting it go crazy azz

  • Such A Baddie

    I’m not gonna watch this season if it’s gonna be like all the past seasons with this damn album! Tina doesn’t want to do it! She’s also said that several times. No is no. Let the Mary’s focus on their solo stuff and move on. Nobody told warryn to take millions of dollars in advance money from Sony! And Sony is gonna get their money back, whether they have to sue him for it, which they will do unless another album is made and they recoup that money… I’m also tired of Tina complaining about how overwhelmed she is..but consistently slaving and working her momma to death though, while basically running back behind teddy worrying bout what he’s doing.

  • Pebbles

    Well! The story that was put out is that he cheated with a family “friend” and it was on going allegedly for years.

  • Pebbles

    Very True! If her attitude was better she (Tina) would be further in her career.

  • Pebbles

    (Erica and Warren) talked about that on this show called (black love) about how the woman had become pregnant (but she had an abortion) with someone they both knew and he only told her because he didn’t want someone else to tell her.

  • Such A Baddie

    Honesty, Teddy just looks guilty. His face, his lil sneaky lying self…I still don’t trust his azz. Tina “forgave” him, but she really didn’t, cuz she talk about it every damn day…you suppose to forgive and move on. Now if someone asks her or brings it up that’s different, but she just brings it up in every topic of conversation it some how’s steers back to his cheating. Like sis. Let it go or let him go! She gonna make teddy suffer everyday of his life? He gon get tired of her running it in the ground!

  • Such A Baddie

    There goes dirty dog Teddy 🖐🏽….idk, but still every time I see him he just looks like a sneaky lil snake, liar. Still don’t trust his azz. He just looks guilty 🤔

  • BriDawk

    I use to love Tina before this show. She is a person who should never be on reality tv. EVER. Tina is A LOTTTTTTT! I really want her to seek counseling. She has a lot of hurt in her and she doesn’t fully understand how to let go.

  • Lacy4u

    I don’t understand why when people get pregnant, they can’t understand how it happened. Like, really? Unless, you use birth control (i.e. condoms, IUD, pills, etc) or get tubes tied, had a full hysterectomy or get a vasectomy then if you have sex…guess what you can get pregnant. It’s not rocket science, people. smh

  • Angel

    Omg i love Honey! Mama Honey is the best. She tells it like it T-IS! She sure put tina in her place too when she was at tinas house lmaooo. Her mom is too old to be her nanny to all them kids. Tina’s low self-esteem, shelfishness, insecurity and inability to trust has her mama doing way too much rather than hiring a nanny. And she sure as hell wont get one now, she wouldnt want teddy around ANY other woman in the house. Her perfectionist and elitist ways would rather run her mama in the ground rather than to give her 50 children proper daycare! Smdh. And why hasnt tina gotten her tubes tied by now??? Like fr….i need answers lol

  • Talone

    Tina is a drama queen, lets start there…. And her biggest issue with her man is the same as most black women today… Too much mouth, too much attitude, and too much masculine energy. If you forgive the man then forgive him and move forward. Stop dwelling on it.

  • Harmony

    I think Tina’s daddy issues affected her more than everyone realises. She’s always been looking for someone to hear her out and searching for love she never got from him and she thought she had this in Teddy. Now that he cheated, she can’t cope.

    I understand and respect Tina not wanting to be overwhelmed and stressed out anymore. We all know she doesn’t cope with that well. She has NO obligation to help Warren because he shouldn’t have stolen from Sony in the first place.

    Finally, I don’t think she’s jealous of Erica. I think she’s finally got the career she wanted, but everyone’s trine crash her dreams for their own self-serving agendas. She’s a grown woman who’s tired of being backed into a corner everywhere she looks

  • Angel

    For yall true Mary Mary fans…lets not forget when Erica revealed a couple seasons back that Warren cheated on her too! In the past. They got thru it. And we dont know how many times it happened😒. Difference is Erica is positive and has more of a healthy mentality, attitude and relationship than tina. Its always been obvious Warryn loves, respects, and adores Erica. Its now about u falling, its abt how u recover. How u get up. Tina isnt there yet. Tina was hard to deal with pre and post cheating hubby. Erica and warryn can get thru anything i feel. Tina…she needs some soul searching. And if it wasnt for her having so many kids, i honestly think she would’ve divorced teddy. She tried to flip it and make it work…hmmm lets just see how it plays out. Tina needs strength to pull thru and get her mind back right and get back to being tina. Teddy needs strength just to put up with tina lmaooooooo

  • Angel

    First off, u made some very good points i agree with. Secondly, sorry for what u went thru😞 and glad u were able to get out of and pull thru your situation. I will say that yes everyone knows hurt people hurt people. And sympathy and compassion can be felt for tina. But it gives her no right to behave the way she has. She should take time away from the camera and limelight and focus on her. I personally think they did this last final season for coins only but real life is she hasnt dealt with fully what happened last season. She “forgave” her husband but clearly hasnt dealt with all the pain and aftermath. Everyone is going thru “something”. Some ppl were molested, some grew up with no parents, some have illnesses, some were cheated on by their spouses and so on and so on. Doesnt give ppl a pass for over the top behavior. She was a diva with an entitled attitude way before she knew her husband cheated. All her life as her family put it. Ijs girl….

  • Angel

    Facts! 💯

  • Angel

    I agree completely.✊

  • Kim Wilson

    I forgave my husband only to find out he was still cheating so I divorced him. My Spirit Soul and Body Was So Broken.. I don’t wish that on anyone

  • MelaninBeauty

    I don’t love Tina like that but he has really hurt her by betraying her and it’s made her so insecure she doesn’t want to go on tour without him. So I actually feel for her, whether her faith in God is strong or not, hurt and betrayal is painful from a loved one

  • Kim Wilson

    I Love Tina So Much! When your husband cheat that’s a deep hurt people don’t understand… I Pray Everybody Be Patient And Loving To Her Because I See How Bad He Hurt Her! Everybody judging need to Pray For Her Heart and Soul

  • Momof1

    Contractually, she’s under obligation to do the album or she can be sued by Sony and let go. As far as the money goes Warren should not have touched it. When he received the advance he knew that both ladies had no intentions of working on an album together because they were both focusing on other things. He spent the money knowing this. I don’t feel Tina is obligated to work to help payback money that Warren should have known better than to steal (that’s what he did by spending money knowing there were no plans for an album) in the first place. Now if he cut Tina a check from that advance, then she should have to pay that back but otherwise it is on Warren to either produce the album Sony paid for or figure out a way to pay it back. And yes, Tina has her moments where she is annoying…..and I absolutely hate to see her and her husband kissing.

  • Mz DiDi

    And now you’ve spoken ON IT when you said ” Wait until they find out Israel is NOT Gods Haven, right now, nor are the ppl”…WHEWWWWWW!!!

    So many of us are clueless. We are the TRUE ISREALITES, the chosen ONES. I can’t wait to be in the NEW CITY JERUSALEM. My address is 830 Platinum Parkway…stop bye and see me…LOL

  • Momof1

    On forgiveness… The whole forgive and forget… can say I forgive you and tell the world you’ve forgotten about it…’ll never forget it. Look at how Tina doesn’t want to go on tour without him….he ruined her life and she’ll never forget what he done and she’ll always treat him a different way because of how badly he hurt her. That’s human nature. Don’t post perfection online when real life is the opposite. They’ll never bounce back to where they once were but I am happy for how they have made progress in fixing something that came apart in a very positive manner.

  • YoungFabulous

    omg please Tina you are wearing me out and I’m only 5 mins in

  • PrincessTee

    Even though they both have good voices, the real issue is that Erica is more likable to people as a person than Tina and Tina is very jealous of that. It has nothing to do with music.

  • KarenKaramel

    Was thinking the exact SAME THING like….broad why are you always frowning?

  • A lost Israelite

    I think thts her problem, he ruined her

  • Sunshinegirl

    Tina is freaking annoying. When that bank account starts to get low, she’s going to be knocking down Warren’s door trying to get a hit. I can’t believe how resistant she is to making an album. Just do it and be done with it. It’s obvious Warren’s used that advance money and has to repay it, so the least she could do is help him out.

  • A lost Israelite

    Im sorry, but Tina is NOT acting saved! She is too mean-spirited, selfish, hateful n negative, im TIRED of looking at it. If we were friends, id run from her, being scared her temper would rub of on me. She has NOT let tht cheating go, she probably wants to choke him every time she looks at him. I would, n his triflin ass would be single. She is scared to move without him now, its messin up her career, n her attitude, he needs to be stomped n grinded into the ground from doing tht to her, she did nothing to warrant tht, probably why she is like she is. Tina may not even realize just how bad she is, he needs to be gone n she needs counseling, poor Tina, tht DOG CHEATED! Get rid of tht four legger n get your God on, u will be happier in the end, n God will forgive u, he cheated, not u!

    Erica is a breath of fresh air, she positive about everything, but she also got a healthy Marriage. Her n Tina the DYNAMIC DUO, n I cant fathom Mary Mary gone, right now, I do know age will halt them. I LOVE Erica n Warren together, they are Fantastic, n he love her n value her, n shows it! TINA DESERVES LOVE N SECURITY TOO!

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Like run.
    Cuz this here is a bad case of “damaged” female

  • Wonder_Woman15

    I would cringe when she start talking about her husband cheating so overwhelming I’d skip it

  • Tha Truth

    Erica and Warren is a team! They are a breath of fresh air to watch even when they are going through something they try hard. She is driven to succeed and works very hard.
    Tina on the other hand, omg, she needs help! She is always running from her problems, throwing temper tantrums and just spazzing out. Teddy wants to be a star! It seems like just wants to be in the spotlight and is not IN LOVE with Tina. I predicted that he was a cheater during the first season. Tina is so draining and didnt seem like she was doing anything to keep the flame lit in their marriage. Now he has broken her so badly, she can’t focus on her career. She probably don’t leave the house without him. People when your spouse hurt you to the point of no return…. PLEASE LET IT GO!

  • MelaninGoddess

    I swear I everytime I’ve watched this show in the past Tina would drain the entire life out of me with her attitude and negative spirit.. and now look.. aint nothing changed. I just don’t understand how someone that’s “saved” always frown more than they smile.

  • mirra.k

    Tina jealousy shows its horrible