WATCH: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Teairra Mari & Brooke Valentine drop off their new singles ‘Bad’ and ‘Now’

While some of their costars continue to struggle to find their footing in the R&B game, Brooke Valentine and Teairra Mari figured that the best way for them to grab some shine amongst the crowded roster of hungry aspiring songbirds on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood would be to flex the vocal chops that had already earned them chart glory prior to television.

Peel your ears back and take-in their new singles ‘Bad’ and ‘Now’ below.

  • Jalessa Blu Smith

    That video BS is why so many of you are rooting for Brooke. I think the graphics for Brooke’s song was better than TT’s, but the song wasn’t. They’re both good but it was set up to make Brooke’s seem better. Whoever did this must be a friend of Brooke or a fan trying to get her fans

  • Maisha Anderson

    Ooowee mayne!!…
    Brooke Valentine spit that fireball🔥🏀
    I’m in love wit this track, I could hear, feel, and see the passion she feeling.

  • Maisha Anderson

    Happy for Tierra Marie. She told the truth in her song, very therapeutic. I’ve been where she is. Wishing her all the best.🤗

  • Maisha Anderson

    I agree.

  • Amy Danielle

    Wow I’m feeling Brooke song too!! Real music and women that can sing rare in 2017 lol

  • Amy Danielle

    Yeeeessss T.T love this ish

  • Rochelle JustluvmeBack Jones


  • Tia

    Yessss TT!!!

  • Jaccy

    Wow, Brooke. This is amazing

  • Bri Truthful

    Let me say this,, they both killed it both vocals we’re good in my opinion Brooke’s vocals were a little better but Tierra had the better song. I would download both records I’d just play TT’s first imo

  • jessie smith

    Brooke song was good. I got Tamar Braxton and Brandy vibes. Teairra on the other hand… All I have to say is I WAS ROUTING FOR YOU! I’m still cool with Teairra, but she needs to work on her vocals and finding a style that suits her better.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    uummmm. she was with def jam. #duh 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Lovely D’Fabulous

    I love Brooke valentine song and Terirra need to practice she to nasel and sounds very unfinished like a draft not polished music was not good

  • Malia

    They both have beautiful voices this is a grimy ass game this music thing

  • JR_Vibes

    I tip my dreds to the both of them for making two good songs. Yall should stop making this a competition and let them both shine

  • Ree_RN


  • Ree_RN

    OOOHHH Brooke!!! I love her song! The riffs and runs gave me life!!! I wish she would have led with this as her storyline instead of the current foolishness she’s doing. I am rooting for TT but I don’t think her voice is as strong. I called it: I knew they were setting her up for a big comeback!

  • Rhea

    I actually really like TT song! I think the lyrics are good, many of us can relate to having something or someone who is “Bad” for us, catchy chorus, however the song doesn’t sound finished. I think it needs a better beat. I also like Brooks too, very nice voice! Well done ladies 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • mocha brown

    I love how Brooke played her man, I did the same thing with mine! You want to cheat, i will cheat to get back at you to hurt you the way you hurt me! And men can’t handle it, but now we are faithful and married. He just knows anything he can do I can do better! So don’t try me

  • Naima Isa

    I could never get jiggy with female R&B artist , but I think it’s a good start. They both have been out of the game for a long time. I’m glad they have at least started! They can be groomed again with discipline.

  • SexiiSag

    Yessss Brooke!

  • Verbal-Leigh

    About to download brook. Still wanna know whos song was playing, last episode when Brigit Kelly came into marcus’ studio

  • Elle

    Wow both are good artist i feel as though Brooke knows where her sound is going i get a Kelly Rowland/Aaliyah vibe. Teirra still developing and finding herself. In this process if she could hook up with Missy Elliot and Timbaland her world would change. Just some thoughts. Wishing this both success💞💫

  • Adrianee P

    Both nice songs. It wasn’t a competition..

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    Brooked whooped Teairra on the music front with this song 👏👏👏 Love them both though so I hope Teairra can bounce back, it makes no sense that her voice sound stronger on her first album than it does now that she’s older. She seems to have lost confidence in her voice

  • Viera

    brookes song def better, but i like tt and i feel like she’s trying to open up more

  • Viera

    booby karma is real that what u get playing with keyshia

  • Romz

    Got half way through Brookes song and downloaded it in ITunes, got half way through TT and had to make it stop. Wishing TT the best though!

  • linda

    Ima go with Brooke on this one but love TT still

  • Ashley True

    Love it brook!

  • Me Tee

    If this was a competition, then Brooke would of won.

  • Damaya Lady D Jones

    Brooke killed it! Love the song!!!💯👌🏾👌🏾

  • Brooke song sounded rushed didn’t care for it. TT sounded dry but both women are talented

  • Michael Parker

    I love Brooke song of course it’s def a hit but of course since she is underrated and has had a long absence in the music game it prolly won’t go no where but I love it Tierra Marie I have nothing to say good about 😶 I’m disappointed 😔 oops 🙊

  • Alfreda M Carroll

    Brooke killed it.. Couldn’t even get through 45 seconds of TT song

  • EXO!! 🙂

  • Trice

    It just sucks Boobie is being used ..he allowing himself to be ..she’ll be back with Marcus

  • Kayla

    Yes Brooke gave me everything I needed in life right now with this one lol 👏👏👏👏

  • Miracle Saint James

    Yaaaaassssss Brooke killed it! If I like it after the first listen then it’s definitely a bop. But Teairra on the other hand…..😔

  • gdubois

    I’m sorry, but Brooke’s song is really sickening 🙉.

  • Lacy4u

    I hope these songs are bangers.