WATCH: Sky of Black Ink Crew gets exposed by her son and his father in a revealing interview

Blogger GossipViv was brought to tears during her recent sit-down interview with Sky’s estranged son, Genesis, who she birthed at the age of 14 and gave up for adoption. During their revealing convo, where he opens up about their strained relationship, he was also joined by his father who detailed his troubled past with Sky as well while taking direct aim at her for misleading viewers on Black Ink Crew. Peep it out.

  • April Callahan

    She was a dirty slut then she’s a dirty slut now, who could care less about her kids, This is all for the show. All those checks she’s been getting, spent on herself. She’s selfish and fucked in the head . She should commit herself. What an embarrassment she is to any child. He’s better off without her, but he and his brother should suck her dry of every penny she has. She’s disgusting

  • Monica Therainbowartist Jackso

    All that fast forwarding he *g. If he was TRULY AROUND.. It wouldn’t have taken years flor him to know his son was MIA… GIVEN AWAY..ADOPTED…ETC

  • Monica Therainbowartist Jackso

    That’s what I’m saying. Sky ain’t the only one that messed up. He did too and now he got the son believing he looked for himand that he was the parent that would’ve FOUGHT for his son…PLEASE CUT YOUR BS

  • Monica Therainbowartist Jackso

    Real shit!! He going by hearsay and the baby daddy and..wasn’t around..if he was how is it she lost custody or have the son up for adoption???

  • Shawntale Jones

    Personally I think the Son, baby daddy, and Dutches crusty ass full of shit! No matter whether this situation is used for a storyline or not the truth still lies that this situation is real and not funny at all. It takes two to make a child/dren. No excuses for Sky but she was 14 and by the time she was 16 had two kids. Neither dad stepped up as you can see and appeared only when she got on that show speaking her truth. They only stepped up due to being judged by the public for being a deadbeat. I think it takes a strong person to give up their children and realize their not strong enough nor selfish to do so. The world would have bashed her if she had kept them and raised them based on the street life. From day one of this show you can see the fight in her to want more and to be somebody and want love and assurance from her mom. I just think nobody was innocent and he’s less of a man for bashing her on tv and to her child. How was they given up at 6 when the adoptive mom had toddler pictures of them? Make it make sense please ? Instead of bashing and adding more lies they need to talk and compromise because that boy wants his mom despite what he says!!!

  • Ashia J. Robinson

    No he just did not have any say because when they got put up he wasn’t in their life either or else he would have got them .

  • Ashia J. Robinson

    She went to jail and her mom was on drugs and her mom is the one that actually had to give them up .

  • sim simma

    i hate that “your mom could’ve aborted you” bullsh!t. stop acting like sky did them a huge favor by giving birth to them, they didn’t ask to be born and they damn sure didn’t ask to be born to a sorry bish like her. judging by genesis’s life and circumstances, people can argue that sky wouldve did him the favor by not having him at all.

  • Fatz Rolling

    she was supposed to grow up like every other teen mother and raise that child to the best of your ability not, feel like its easier to have kids and when you get tired of being a parent give them up for adoption!

  • Fatz Rolling

    If the father hasn’t been in contact within 1yr. and you have posted a search for them to no avail, the mom can then put the child up with no say!

  • Nit18

    If u go to high school with someone u def can find out if they in 9th grade or 11th. She may have told him that but he knew it was a lie (at least eventually) and he didn’t care

  • Love Jones

    I know ya’ll love Sky, but consider the son feelings. If Sky wasn’t famous folks wouldn’t find reasons to discredit her son who is hurting. She told her side, now let them tell their side. Keep in mind they gotta keep their story line going. Why wait until reality TV to reconnect with her kids? What happened right before Black Ink Crew?

  • Cherry Dumplin

    The Dad is full of shit. If he wasn’t really involved red flagship would have been up in the air when he wasn’t talking to Genesis. He wants to sound all tough now. He’s gonna do what ever he has to do. WHATEVER!! He should have done that when his son was young. Soon as he found out he should have faught to get his son backs.

  • Stephanie Walker

    Thats what I’m trying to figure out. So you mean to tell me that you didn’t know your son was gone and you didn’t see him for that long? yeah ok

  • FRustratedNOTFUHstrated

    I got pregnant at 15, first time I ever had sex. Guess what I did? I worked! 2 jobs & supported my child! Without deadbeat dad! I didn’t go out with friends, have a teenage life..I grew the eff up! Period. Was it hard as hell? YES! But, I loved my baby enough to do WHATEVER I had to. If that meant I went hungry m I went hungry. If that meant, I had 1 pair of jeans, 1 shirt and shoes with holes I need it…oh well…that’s what it meant. It can be done so, these lame excuses don’t fly with someone who has been in the exact same position.

  • Dialectics

    Took this dumb ass 5yrs to figure out his child was missing….fast forward to someone whooping his ass.

  • Danielle DeNeen

    First of all, I’m not a fan of Sky and only watched about 7 minutes of this video, but this interview doesn’t make any sense to me!! He just seems to be talking in circles and making excuses for himself. Seems like both him and sky were dead beat parents. He keeps saying “fast forward” and skipping through YEARS!!

  • alwaysabovetherest

    I had my daughter at 15 and i rasied her. It is possible . But this chick old af and still and on tv trying to get sympathy at 25 he was 10. And not in a good home. She was grown then. But no still chose to act like she had no kids..

  • alwaysabovetherest

    This interview was done in Dutchess shop

  • Cedresha Watts

    i get it, my brother and i are less than 2 months apart and we call each other twins lol. but she made it seem like she only had one baby daddy instead of two

  • Chantae Smith

    So what’s her excuse now? It isn’t a 14 yr old on tv lying.

  • Chantae Smith

    His son went to jail on those three years. And you. An go to school with someone and not know their age especially if you were just smashing

  • Karla Jimenez

    If she is unfit the Father as a Choice if the Woman don’t lie

  • No no she did in the very beginning said they were twins. She didn’t start kicking two different baby daddies til after the fact. That’s why everyone was confused. You see this woman asked “so they not twins or anything?”

  • Ebony Hernandez

    You can always tell ignorant and educated folks who don’t know the law. The father absolutely has a say in whether or not a child is put up for adoption. Seriously, stop being confidently ignorant.

  • Zay152

    One of them was 17 that a grown ass man to u..n for her to do it twice means she was seeking these men out…she wasn’t raped she was fast ass women

  • Nijjiyah Tiny Bowers

    Sound dumb those were GROWN ASS MEN. They need to be in jail..

  • Missy Hiler

    My thoughts exactly

  • Missy Hiler


  • Missy Hiler

    Me and my niece are 4 mths apart and they call us twins. . my mom although she was of age had my older sister and brother 16 mths apart and everyone calls them twins….. Maybe it’s a new York thing like with us but maybe that’s what she meant calling them twins cuz they were so close in age.

  • Missy Hiler


  • Missy Hiler

    Well said

  • Zay152

    Exactly he was in another state that would give her that ability easy..n if she lied about the details now on the show why wouldn’t she lie back then

  • Da1stBitch

    Just sad hella sad and the only real victim in this all are those boys I hope all the best for them x

  • Zay152

    why is this lady acting like he would have a say in if she could put the baby up for adoption or not..we all know the mother has all say

  • Zay152

    both her baby daddies r way older then her..smh this chick was a hot ass

  • Zay152

    why r these women having kids at 14 n then being surprised that its a hard job n they just give the baby up for adoption

  • RuthLessLeo

    fuk that shit #team sky

  • Bri Truthful

    Did she? I don’t recall that I remember her saying she had 1 baby dad but tho the twin thing must’ve gone be way over my head

  • Racheal Hamilton

    Your so right..

  • Rosabelle E. Dawes

    My issue with both sides is this: Sky lied about her children being with this “loving Family” who was giving them the life that she didn’t have any that she always wanted as a child. The issue is -she lied. They were not with a loving family who had the means to take care of them they were doing bad and she was m.I.a spending black ink checks on red bottoms and cosmetic surgery… meanwhile her son was locked up and I’m certain she didn’t send him a dime or go visit him. The Father: is no angel he should have been there to pick up the slack. If he was incarcerated or just not in the know. Either way he should have made it his business to be there physically not spiritually as he says in the interview. Being there physically is what’s most important.

  • Nette

    The first season Sky talked about it, she said she had twins.

  • Danielle Murray

    Not making excuses but at 14 years old she was a child herself. She wasnt being raised in a loving home – she was basically on her own – being raised by the streets… with her criminal record and not really being financially stable until she got on Black Ink – the court wasnt going to take the kids from a good home just to reunite them with a mom they really dont even know. I think she should have left all of this off the show b/c WE judge people harshly even when our lives isnt in tact.

  • richelina


  • Harold Beatty II

    Everyone making excuses for her she a ain’t shit Mother. She got her kids taken away she didn’t give them up. In every state if your kids are taken by the state you can get them back obviously she didn’t want them back. It’s no excuse period for a Mother not to take care of her kids. Ceaser been on the show lying too.

  • Ak74

    The father of the second child is the one who she says is not a good dude & that she’s scared of. She always spoke good things about the father doing the interview.

    His gaps are probably due to jail time, as he was dealing drugs & posting guns on MySpace (tf?!)

  • Trey Styles

    The dad pretty much said everything sky said other then the dates were off the girl was 14 having a baby then 15 pregnant again doesn’t sound like she grew up in a stable place to even raise her kids in and if he’s moving all over she didn’t have a support team at all to help her raise the children sky prob bought if she gave them up they would have a better life but the son made some bad decisions himself and got himself locked up is there a second part to this???

  • Johnette D Tarr


  • Madukes5

    Oh, ok.

  • wuzzy

    lol good one

  • Cedresha Watts

    It’s no coincidence they went to dutchess’s tattoo shop… I feel as though this will be Sky’s storyline next season

  • Cedresha Watts

    Something is telling me that Sky knows all about this and VH1 is giving her serious coin for this to be her storyline next season… I could be wrong.. just like it came out that karlie Redd popped up at caesar’s party and her and persuasion were about to fight (camera crews were there).. all of this came out at the same time I’m just saying. I could be wrong though. However, I still think that Sky was kind of forced to give her kids up for adoption being in the situation that she’s in… I mean we see what type of mother she has… I don’t think there’s truth all the way in both stories but I mean what’s done is done. I remember skyy saying she had twins when she actually doesn’t so she lied. But I’m sure her baby daddy is lying about something too lol. And her son looks JUST like her WOW

  • R C

    Exactly. SKY is funny on the show and seems cool and crazy but like you said she was a grown woman using and manipulating the story for sympathy and fame.

  • R C

    It’s sad and disgusting if Sky used her kids as her storyline knowing it was all a lie. A shame

  • Tyreshia 2Flyy IlluminiX

    Now, watch your cum-guzzling mouth, you uneducated monkey.

  • Tyreshia 2Flyy IlluminiX

    Bitch, you just be slow, you ugly-ass hoe. He’s an adult who we don’t know was really in the system, cause the dad is a liar. Speed up, you idiotic transvestite.

  • Cardio32

    So true.

  • Ree_RN

    here’s the thing, she probably does wish she was a better mom! That means she has a conscience. Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you can be a good parent. Look at her now, would you want her to be raising children? Do you think she would be a good parent? She just got right financially 2 seasons ago and you see how she acts on tv.

  • Sunshinegirl

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. He’s no better than she is and for him to hop on this interview trying to “expose” the truth? FOH with that. That “I was willing to be there financially” took me out. Just do it. Ain’t no “willing to do it.”

  • Hyewon

    Not 100% sure but it looks that way. Exploiting people sad relationships with their children seem to be VH1 specialty.

  • Adrianee P

    Based on the story . I still have the question what else was she supposed to do? Send them to a stable family or give the kids to their unstable father.. she clearly had a fucked up life. .

  • MarShellMo83

    Where can I find the rest of that interview? Anyone know?

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Hmm…wonder why the vid cuts off when their son talks abt the years w Skyyy.

    At the end of the day, he didn’t do enough period and there are big gaps that don’t add up. So you didn’t find out till the kid was 11 but the last time you saw him was when he was 7 so then wth were you to not see kid for 4 years??

  • Ree_RN

    The father says he left Sky because she had another baby by another dude. So he just up and left the state when he could have fought for his son. Now he wants to get on the net and talk about how she lied about the adoption when she flat out said she couldn’t take care of them? Did yall not see her mother? Her mother has a psychiatric disorder, and probably abuses drugs. You expect a 14 year old with 1 or 16 year old with 2 kids to be a good parent? You expect them to make good decisions? GTFOH! The fact that she even had 2 kids at that age speaks to the fact that she wasn’t probably receiving good parenting herself. I wonder how much he got paid for this interview. Then he gon say “Financially, I was willing to be there” so basically he aint do shit either! Let’s talk about the fact that he was a drug dealer and had the means to take care of/get custody of his son but instead he ran to the net 20 years later

    **I’m not at all excusing bad parenting, I’m saying that realistically, this is some bullshit. If he never lost contact with Sky and they could always reach him, how the fuck was she able to give the kid up?

  • Renee Jones

    The father is just as much blame as the mother. Everything he’s been saying was ” I was trying” not hard enough asshole, you left that girl to fend alone with that baby and she was volunable after the birth and this is why she got pop again. She was searching for a comfort zone from a man for help because yo ass left her. Now she’s getting that money so now you wanna speak out, save it dead beat now yo ass is hungry as hell starve nigga she’s not gonna feed yo ass you know why, because you forgot to feed your son…. Oh I forgot “you was trying” right

  • Ree_RN

    are they filming? This has VH1 written all over it.

  • Bri Truthful

    Not at all it’s sad

  • Bri Truthful

    Absolutely agreed

  • Who Didnt Know That She Was Lying?

  • Did You Not Watch the Interview? He Said That He is 19

  • Are You Fucking Slow!?!!!! The Boy Just Got Out of Juvie! Before, He Was a Damn Minor

  • Anevay

    Just to be clear, I don’t fully buy his story either, there are some obvious big holes in it and he talking like a man who thinks calling his kid once in a while and sending money when he can is good parenting because it’s “the best he can do”. There is no consideration for the fact that the mother has to take care of that kid and put food on the table 24/7 not “when she can”. However, she did lie and fabricate stories involving him that we know are not true…..they were both lousy parents.

  • killa_season

    thats exactly what i was thinking. Really cant believe Sky thought she would be able to hop on TV and not have this ish come out out. I wouldnt want my kid to see me like that.

  • Tyo

    First off the dad looks. Dumb thas your child how do u not see em for years talking bout i was sending money… unless yo ass overseas working and prohibited from traveling its not a year that should go by that u dont see that kid. The father may have sent money here and there but come on he was how old ? Making how much ? How much do u think he could have sent. Just shut up take the hit, tell your son sorry you wasnt there and work on aa future relationship with him…… as for sky she already said she was young and dumb for having and giving away her kids. It fucked her up she need help( thats why she fighting getting naked etc.) but the only cure is a relationship with her boys. You can tell she loved them and they felt love when they were with her. The son wants that relationship and just to hear her say sorry n i love u. That what would be therapy for them….. Now dutches is mad wack and she mess with cornball and when she does an event or hosting she looks ruff. If she focused on her and really bettering herself not just business wise but mentally she prosper more. Focuse on your brand your look your “image “. So that ppl will love you and want to be like you. You could be something a young black tat artist fucking it up. Leave the messy shit alone and you will win even more.#facts

  • Bri Truthful

    I feel like sky was one of those people who didn’t have much of a childhood and was forced to grow up to fast to soon. (Not having stable parents and becoming at such a young age) So when she got to a certain age and tasted a little more freedom she became a child again. She just wanted be young and do all the shit she couldn’t do before. That’s probably why she still acts immature til this day that child in her is living it’s time out hopefully it’s time is up soon and she will grow up and grow out of it real soon this does not excuse her behavior by any means None of it! but I just seen this so many times in so many people that I just can’t help but to think that this is what her issue is.

  • Bri Truthful

    True True you damn sure got a point there.πŸ‘ˆ

  • Bri Truthful

    You right about the first season she definitely did say he was both the kids dad. But I feel like if he wanted to clear his name he would have been done that I think he’s either looking for some kind of come up or he is trying to prove himself to someone like his son so he can feel better about is part in not raising or being a good father to him. Because honestly if he really wanted his son he would have gotten if even if she put them up for adoption or they got took away his rights as a father would have changed all that and in him saying that he didn’t know his son was in foster for like six years goes to show just how much he cared you haven’t heard your son’s voice for six years! And you don’t think anything is wrong you don’t go investigate you don’t try to visit him nothing??? I believe her son 100% but the dad’s story I’m not completely buying…… At all!

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Well by the sounds of the end of that.. She took care of him while she had him. Alot of people suffer this reality and aren’t in the public eye.. She’s defo got a couple issues she needs to straiten out though.. What was the age of consent? These Potential statutory rapists have very little shame!!!

  • Bri Truthful

    Dad not telling the whole truth tho he just trying to make his own ass look good to the public

  • Bri Truthful

    See these reality stunts always comes back and bites you in the ass. All the shenanigans Sky has done for money and T.V and look at all the pain and turmoil it has caused her son. These reality stars never think about how their actions affect their children. Especially the older ones because they will defend you til the death no matter how many wrong you have done.

  • Psab Psab

    That was some β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ

  • Hyewon

    Why are these folks in Pretty-n-Ink doing this ghetto-ass interview??? Dutchess is clearly missing that Black Ink attention or still hung up on revenge, sad.

  • Anevay

    Sky first tried to paint the picture of this guy being the only baby daddy the season he appeared on the show…….then the other one showed up and busted her story. He’s obviously not a model parent but looks like he want to clear his name from some of the mess she fabricated.

  • Where can I watch the full interview? πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€

  • Anevay

    Agree πŸ’― . They don’t want to accept the fact that she fabricated much of what she told on TV.

  • Anevay

    Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Rorow

    Your right they are at pretty and ink πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  • Zarah

    She only said there were two different fathers after the second baby daddy showed up acting unhinged. Prior to that she lied and acted as if this guy was the only baby daddy.

  • Shatariah

    Even if he did say it…he doesn’t control editing. So the show will show only what they want us to see.

  • Zarah

    He could have and it was edited out, never know.

  • Zarah

    Maybe Sky thought the names of the juvenile centers were foreign countries she couldn’t pronounce, cause it sound like that’s the only place this lil homie was traveling to.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    Her name is Jakeita Days aka Sky. Wow. I like that name better. Lol

  • Zarah

    Some of us made comments in the past about Sky’s behavior being inappropriate for a mother of teenage boys, many disagreed because her boys had other parents but now we’re hearing about the negative impact directly from her son’s mouth. Sorry, but Sky is selfish as fuck, even with consideration of her being too young when she had her kids. She was over 30 fucking Ted in the public bathrooms and running around naked Knowing her boys and their friends could be watching.

  • Joscelyn Brooklynn Washington

    And, lets also acknowledge that Sky was a 14 year old mom who is now 34 (turning 34 in September), so her kid is 20 years old now. They waited all this time to say something, which is sketchy AF. He’s a grown ass man now still tryna defame his mom as if he’s 14. Smh….This is a joke and the dad is clearly using the kid to defame Sky. Y’all can believe this bullshit if you want, but I don’t.

  • Joscelyn Brooklynn Washington

    If he was a good dad, she would’ve sent them to live with him, so that says a lot. Plus, Sky has said many times on the show that she’s got 2 baby daddies; she had a kid at 14 and another at 16.

  • Joscelyn Brooklynn Washington

    Um, Sky never said they were twins. She’s said on the show many times she had 2 baby daddies and how she had a son at 14 and another at 16.

  • Kay.Bunnii


  • yeah yeah yeah

    1. Father is lying about something 2. The host breaking down is unprofessional and I would have FIRED her 3. Regardless if they were taken or given up- sky was not capable of being a mother- PERIOD!

    Moving forward- I hope she attempts to fix things and has a major glow up- I’m not gonna knock her down for growing up in the slums and not knowing better πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • Sleepyhippie

    Guys let us join hands and pray

  • Jalessa Blu Smith

    She lied about the whole story? Damn Sky! Your son sitting right there, and been in and out of the system? She said he was adopted and the family was taking good care of them. Boo hoo tears and shit. The dad is lying too about some things. You can tell. Oh well they’re both a piece of shit parents . Moving along.

  • Doris G

    The Father has a part in this as well; he was not as diligent about seeing or talking to his son. Sky was absolutely wrong if she knew how to get in contact with the father or anyone in his family, to let them know, her intentions of putting the kids up for adoption or; Child Protective Services came and removed the children from the home. I know it is hard being a teenage mother; when she was dealing with her own mother’s mental illness, but not knowing that her mother had this illness. She was young and under intense pressure and did not have guidance at that time. Even with the show it does not negate her lying about the children and her son father.I hope her son and his father have a loving and understanding relationship, and their son begin to live a bless productive life and become a person that will help others that have life stories that he has had to live.

  • Bri Truthful

    He son look just like her tho!

  • Bri Truthful

    He should’ve said all this shit when he was in the show

  • Bri Truthful

    Everybody already knew she had two baby dads the other one was on last season

  • Bri Truthful

    Damn we couldn’t get the whole interview! 😑

  • Truthteller20423

    You are absolutely correct. He could have taken the baby with him. So yeah he is totally not taking responsibility for being a deadbeat knock them up guy! My statement was generalized! If you are not going to a good mother, don’t want kids, or you are otherwise unfit; put the child up early. Preferably as an infant. They are easier to get adopted anyway!!!

  • Bad & Bruja

    No, that was a different ex.

  • NY NAY

    If they are abused or neglected than any age. She had to be about 20yrs old then & her mama was schizo, that 2nd baby father was beating her (she said) & she may not have been far from who we see on TV, wild drinking, smoking with no support
    That dad full of bull crap

  • NY NAY

    Now he would of done this & that after the fact?!
    So I just learned that Sky fantasizes about the family she wanted. She kept saying her kids lived the best life & traveled to other countries & so forth & during the seasons her oldest was jail like she was, her mama schizo , no daddt? Man that had to be a lot but while she was lying than Cesar was to bcz they are childhood friends.
    She can still redeem herself, she should write a book or made for TV movie.
    She should sent some of that $$$ to her boy while sending to Dr Miami

  • Mo Red

    i feel like he knew she was 14 but whatever & if this is soooo serious to them, why didn’t they speak out as SOON as they saw the episode???????

  • Ok I have questions. First let me address this. All that fake arse crying Sky did knowing she could have reached out to her incarcerated son. Sad. I stopped feeling sorry for her when it came out they weren’t twins.

    Now for this man. You last saw ur son at 6 and didn’t find out he was gone for 5 whole entire years later??? GTFOH your just as bad as she is.

  • FullOHoney

    We are the few who caught this – most here say she adopted, and it seems he so much to correct things only to look like a monster on TV.

  • FullOHoney

    He says she lost custody not adopted them which is a differwnt story, sad

  • tosin shokan

    Why didn’t he speak up last season if you knew the truth why didn’t you say it then why now. Don’t really believe shr would cry like that on national TV like that and even if she change some bits of the story you can see then end result is that she regrets what happened

  • MChantye

    and in that order, sounds like habitual liar boots

  • MChantye

    The Abandoned Kids of TV Reality People, I dont call them stars because they are not to me

  • MChantye

    right, and Dutchess is about that business and professional, I respect that, all of folks come up in a rough situation and some how get past it and do better

  • MChantye

    I believe that her sons were removed by Children Protective Services, since it was at that age

  • Cynthia Watson

    Dat bih not shit. All the fucking times i cried watching this wild bih on tv like she hurt and home boy out here struggling and legal. But what i dont understand is why the pops didnt bring that up on the show. Now it makes sense why the other dad was so pissed at dat bih. Im so mad walt defending this selfish πŸ€. Now i see why she so miserable and insecure. Cause she know she not shit for what shes done. Karma been around forever bih. You just met her sky πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜£

  • Girl3

    It’s come out that she did illegal adoptions, so I’d say that’s a problem.

  • Myemaildied


  • Jetoi Taylor

    Adoption can be a good thing or a bad thing at any age. I’m speaking from experience. I was 11 when I was adopted. My sister was a baby. Some people adopt a baby and then decide they don’t want it when it gets older and put that kid right back in the system. They are saying Sky lied, her kids were taken from her. Which means they were in a unsafe environment or she couldn’t provide for them or both.

  • Trice

    But they mad at Dutchess

  • PlayerP

    My bad…didn’t know the context. I thought she gave up these children at birth. Forgive my ignorance as I really don’t follow the show. From the little I have seen, she made it seem like she never raised them at all. Now the comments make sense. I shouldn’t have commented without all the facts. Yeah, she’s hella selfish, she almost seems soulless now. Sheesh. I only have personal experience with children who found their bio parent when they were older and it wasn’t good. Glad they set the record straight, this makes me even more sad cuz I know they are dealing with a great deal of pain.

  • Trice

    It’s two different guys I believe

  • Madukes5

    Is he the same guy that came on the show who Sky was terrified of? If so, why didn’t this come up then?

  • Madukes5

    Why let all the seasons of black ink go on without this coming up, questions??πŸ€”

  • Abstruce

    Wow! You must not be a parent. To give up a 4 and 6 year old is heartless… To deceive both fathers is cruel. 14 when she had her first son, so that made her 20 when she gave them away. She is/was selfish, plain and simple.

  • PlayerP

    I didn’t know any of that. What little I have seen of her on the show, she most definitely got some issues. But blaming her for giving a child up for adoption is a different issue. She made the best decision for the child at the time. Unfortunately, those she gave up for adoption really aren’t her children or responsibility. Some people get dealt bad hands with there bio parents. It’s life. I have seen both sides. Some adopted children hit the lotto of parents, just like some bio children. Some don’t. I’ve seen adopted kids get involved with their bio parents and their lives spiral downward. It can be a painful situation for all involved.

  • wuzzy

    who the fk is eating/scrapping their plate in the background? dang

  • wuzzy

    new story line for upcoming atlanta black ink series prob

  • zeadlotus

    Yup, his dad has no parts at all lol.

  • Truthteller20423

    The problem isn’t the adoption per say but the adoption at 6yrs old! Can you imagine the fear and abandonment feelings those kids felt? Babies are pretty clueless but a 4 and 6 year old understood what was going on! Moral of the story: adoption is great for infants but kids not so much!

  • Kay

    Sky’s genes are strong! This boy looks exactly like his mama!

  • Kay

    Erm, first of all she lied to Donna and said her child’s father was an evil man who raped her at 14. That was a lie according to this as the guy says she lied about her age and even the mum lied about her age to him and that the baby was planned etc. Secondly, she lied and said she gave the babies up for adoption right after they were born. According to this, the court took them away because she was unfit. She pretended the child’s father didn’t want them. According to this, he wanted his kid and she did everything to pretend him having the baby. She pretended she was going to go deliver the letter to her kids and did that whole sob story scene in the car that had us all crying on the show, when according to this, the lie detector determined that was a lie *maury voice*.

  • Kay

    lol I hope they get their own reality show like the kids of hip hop, only this can be the kids who were given up by reality stars lol I would definitely watch it!

  • Kay

    She lied and pretended that her child’s father was this evil man who raped her as a 14 year old when she and her mother were lying to him about her real age all along. She presented herself as this victim when the story is completely different. They have every right to come and set the story straight. I’m here for it.

  • Kay

    Me too. She spoke about it on vh1 which is a public platform so they have every right to respond on a public platform too! β˜•οΈ

  • Kay

    She knew her child’s father wanted to take his kids and she choice to secretly give them away etc. That’s effed up. And why lie about it on vh1 to try present herself as a victim? And why be getting all this plastic surgery when you don’t even know how your kids are doing and whether they’re eating or being abused in their new home. The lady isn’t okay upstairs.

  • Kay

    I get that, but she made the choice as an adult to lie about it on vh1 knowing that her child’s father and her kids would see it. This means even that scene where she pretends she’s going to see them was fraudulent. The lady has serious issues.

  • Prive

    She lied period. I like Sky and she’s that viewer favorite. I get she was fourteen at the time she gave birth, but she was a grown as adult when she lied.

  • Victoria M.

    Wow. My heart goes out to both her children. 😒😒

  • Victoria M.

    When girls become mothers that young, they don’t always want the child. Let’s be honest. A lot of them want to keep going on with life, especially if they’re the type that run the streets a lot.

  • PlayerP

    She gave him up for adoption, presuming that he would have better life than what she could provide. What is the real issue and why is anyone blaming Sky for anything? If she would have had and abortion, people would try and attack her for that. Just because she’s on tv doesn’t mean that she isn’t still a flawed human being who makes mistakes. People are so quick to judge but don’t want to tell their own story. This is sad to me.

  • LaNiece Robinson

    This is the day and age of tell it all…No sweeping shit under the rug…I think it’s a good thing….People on T.V. gets exposed on some kind of social media outlet…..And ppl not on TV gets exposed at home…The thing is not everyone believes the truth….I seen some shit …I exposed that ass….But I was never contacted by the police…So they didn’t report it…Now the little boy is out of control and they wonder way…..

  • Benquisha

    Init they haven’t really said anything that she hasn’t said, just added extra detail

  • Cardio32

    Yes it is, cause I am here for this hot tea. β˜• I am sipping.

  • Nate

    They are looking for fame because this isn’t the way to handle things. What is exposing her going to do?

  • Chloe Jade

    Me too. If they went to the same high school how did he not know how old she was? Also how do you not speak or see your son for 3 years and then make out you are dad of the year?

  • Keishabae

    Chile….. Meanwhile Sky all on the gram living it up and flossing her new titties and butt job. I cant deal.

  • R C

    I hear you but they didn’t say she gave them up, which is Sky’s story. They claim the courts took them. I’m sure there are court docs. Thst lady should of gotten information b4 doing this interview. So many questions

  • R C

    That boys lingo was like nails on a chalkboard. He seems like a really smart kid who was dealt a bad hand

  • Candance Smith

    I did cry. Already was on the verge

  • Scarlette

    I tend to believe women more than men. People actually can relate to Sky’s story because it makes more sense. What mother doesn’t want their kids? I choose not to believe that is the case

  • MelaninGoddess

    For him to be doing all of this at nineteen years old then he must really be hurt by her decision to give him up. I don’t think this is a healthy way of handling this delicate situation though. When ol girl started crying she almost made me cry cause this is some sad shit

  • R C

    But you said your friend gave them up. It seems like Sky only said that for sympathy and status on the show. According to them she lost custody which is two different. If she lost them, then she’s a fraud. If she’s telling the truth, much sympathy

  • Scarlette

    Damn Jackie Christie’s daughter has opened up the door for all of the kids of these reality stars to start coming out and spill the tea. I kinda feel bad for Sky though. I know a few girls who had kids young and gave them up for a lot of respectable reasons

  • R C

    This is so sad. Sky has alot of soul searching to do. She brought two kids into this world just yo ruin their lives and never even give them a chamge. It’s very unfortunate. Hopefully these men can get it together to show and prove that they aren’t statistics.

  • Candance Smith

    ALL i can do is cry, this is SO SAD! I cant even IMAGINE what any of them been thru being so young. I had my kids at 25 n 33, n still was clueless on some things

  • KIER

    Sky is a fraud and have been using the story of her son’s to gain sympathy when she does something wrong. I’m glad he’s speaking out and telling the truth. That’s sad smh