BLAZIN VIDEO: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta vixen Jessica Dime unload her edgy new music video for ‘No Flockin’


Filming for the upcoming sixth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is in full swing and apparantly Jessica Dime has already found herself in the middle of a beef with three of her cast mates, so much so that she just took the time out to craft a fiery visual in support of her new subliminal diss song aimed at her unnamed rivals while putting her own twist on Kodak Black’s ‘No Flockin’. Put the kids out of the room and get into the edgy clip below..

  • Such A Baddie

    I was looking but I couldn’t couldnt really notice any scars when I was focused on where her areola’s were….She had the shiny things covering her nipples, but no areolas. 🤔 how sway?

  • Candy Jones

    ummm i can see your implant scars

  • keke atkins

    I’m Dead

  • Doris G

    Now Dime is a pretty lady, she do not have to do a video of this low, low, caliber. She can rap somewhat, but, she need to make a good video with substance not middle of the ground porn. She do not need to do a Joseline Hernandez video which is always atrocious.

  • Juelz

    Appalled indeed

  • Juelz

    Im appalled

  • Juelz

    This is the most thirsty shit I hv ever seen, how pathetic. So we need to get naked now just to get noticed. Why not just go do porn! If you’re talented, you shouldn’t have to stoop so low or get naked.

  • unbothered

    Her boobs look so good now

  • MChantye

    This is nasty AF, she is a strapper, stripper/rapper, and not in a good way
    guess her mom is proud

  • Nubian Goddess

    Woah what did I just watch? She’s a cute girl but I’m still a little shocked at the vulgarity of her outfit and the assault rifle. Perfect role model for young girls..

  • Mrs, Strong


  • Reeree

    Dime piece used the word “Fraud” more than once. Fraud means fake!. She has been injected with so much fake shit. She needs to stop it!!!!

  • Rokses

    Dime find yourself a good manager allready

  • Nichole Fauley


  • Bri Truthful

    Oh how I despise fake bodies😡

  • Bri Truthful

    This cheap ass video! Man please.

  • Sarah Willer

    Had to turn it off before my ears started bleeding sorry dime. Them tits tho 😕

  • Alexis_Gloria

    well damn…

  • Heather Hunter

    Girl these chicks be having fake boobs so long that they start to believe that they’re their real breasts, she probably forgot all about the scars years ago

  • Alexis_Gloria

    In order to do a breast lift a vertical scar is necessary… But why weren’t the scars covered up with make-up? Oh well hope she will make money with this… It is not my cup of tea though…

  • Alexis_Gloria

    Are those dark lines on her breasts scars because of breast implants?

  • Aleshia George

    I’m appalled!!

  • Scarlette

    She gives zero fxcks, gotta respect that. Song is cute video is cute. Get em Dime!!!

  • Sapphire Royale

    Stripper music? Dimenickelpenny needs to go back to the pole, it’s calling her. Not feeling this song or my ears. Low budget video, her breast lift cost more than this shit. At least, if you do a video pay more for better quality than better quality for your chest.

  • Kay

    I don’t even know what to say.

  • Lacy K

    WOW… I guess this is what happens when strippers start making music videos. She looks good though