BLAZIN VLOG: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stunner Bambi flexes her skills & give a scrub a boss makeover


Outside of planning her upcoming wedding with Lil Scrappy and lacing up for the 6th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Bambi have been showcasing all of her other talents through the lens of her ‘Shimmer Life TV’ vlog series where she has been giving her fans a candid look at her life outside of reality television..

For her latest project she scooped up a scrub off of skid row and hit Saks Fifth Avenue to give him a “shimmer” makeover, pull back the lid and see how it panned-out..

  • R C

    And she always thought she was a rapper. … Whatever sticks,right? Lmfao

  • Sapphire Royale

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t want to take fashion advice from someone who says poppin every time to describe clothes that she can’t tell which season or colors are in to wear them. She needs to go back to the drawing board.

  • Christa Love

    Lol at least she’s trying. She clearly wants to have her own fashion & lifestyle based tv show or something

  • noneya

    Lmao 😩😂

  • R C

    How corny is this bishhhhhh?!!

    You know she tight after all these reality stars that came up after her and now have music and making money